Volition to Release Saint's Row IV Mod Kit

Subject: General Tech | August 31, 2014 - 05:15 PM |
Tagged: Saints Row IV, mod, pc gaming

I just finished discussing how Grand Theft Auto IV's mod community thrives almost in spite of not having an official toolkit. Apparently, at PAX 2014, Volition announced that Saint's Row IV's official development kit will be released to the public. This follows their announcements of Saint's Row 4: Re-elected, an updated version for PS4 and Xbox One, and Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, a spin-off of Saint's Row IV for the PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC, that claims to place the Third Street Saints in a Disney-esque musical set in Hell.

As usual, I encourage as many developers as possible to release their development tools to the community. If you have a good game, and the community believes they could make it even better, that could help you. This seems obvious but has some development costs and (irrational?) fear of eating into DLC sales. On the other hand, it could help promote your product and its DLC, spin-offs, and so forth... see above.

Source: Joystiq

August 31, 2014 | 06:13 PM - Posted by dave702 (not verified)

I want to play this game again!

September 1, 2014 | 12:39 AM - Posted by GutsNotDead (not verified)

I kinda wonder how anyone can play that P.O.S. of a game GTA. It's a mindless, brainless, degenerate, boring and filthy. The people and the cultural atmosphere portrayed in that game are despicable.

It seems that the same group who own and run Hollywood, the TV networks and the press in the US (well in the whole Western world) are now in charge of the video game industry making those ghames.

September 1, 2014 | 12:51 AM - Posted by Scott Michaud

And that is completely the reason for art. Rather than censoring and pretending that these expressions do not exist, we discuss them and contextualize their merits and vices.

This is, of course, in response to your first paragraph.

September 1, 2014 | 11:56 AM - Posted by GutsNotDead (not verified)

Art ey? No, that's not art. What those video games and movies convey is values, cultural norms and impressions that are very much against our original Western values and ideals, they are against our very existence as people.
Those games and movies promote dieversity and miscegenation, which are code names for the total mongrelization of all Western people throughout the West world, in other words, they promote the racial and cultural genocide of a unique people.

I've played many Japanese games and none is of the aforementioned type.

Btw, ever heard of cultural Marxism and who's been behind the movement intellectually and financially?

September 2, 2014 | 06:00 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

You sound like a christian...

trying real hard to sound smart, yet it all sounds like white noise.

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