Tune into the next Half Life 2 for the exciting conclusion

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Ars Technica reports on a change of plans for Valve.   Half Life 2 may have several sequels, that appear like TV series, and are downloadable via Steam.  While probably not as long as a normal game, hopefully there will be many of them.

"The Half-Life franchise is moving to an episodic release schedule according to comments from

Valve's Doug Lombardi. Lombardi has revealed that Half-Life 2: Aftermath has been renamed to

Half-Life 2: Episode One. Half-Life 2 was released in late 2004 to critical acclaim (review), and

the sequel to the title—the aforementioned Aftermath— has been expected for quite some time. While

Valve released the (very cool) Lost Coast add-on/technology preview last fall, gamer hopes for a

holiday release of Aftermath never materialized. To be sure, Valve has a reputation for being slow

in delivering the goods, but whether or not this is a good thing largely depends on who you ask.

Given the outstanding quality of their games, it's hard for many to find fault."

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    Source: Ars Technica

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