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Subject: General Tech | July 18, 2018 - 03:44 PM |
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When Aliens: Colonial Marines arrived for sale five years ago many fans were excited to see a new game set in this universe, especially considering the majority of the previous games were quite good.  Unfortunately the release did not live up to the hype, even Metacritic hated it which is an achievement unto itself.  The games graphics and content was so bad compared to the pre-release footage Sega eventually agreed to pay out a settlement of $1.25 million to end a class action suit launched by those poor unfortunates who purchased the game.

It has just been discovered that a single typo in an .ini file was to blame for the wonderful footage of Xenomorphs wandering harmlessly by, as the AI was more or less an AAI.  If you can bring yourself to stare at the sub-par graphics, even for 2013, the game will now feature enemies you might actually be concerned about if you delete a single 'a'.

"The improvement is immediately recognisable in your first encounters with the Xenos. While they still charge you perched on their hind legs, they now crawl far more often, flank you using vents and holes in the environment and are generally far more engaged and aggressive. Five years after release, a single letter managed to overhaul the entirety of the enemy AI behaviour in the game."

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July 18, 2018 | 06:47 PM - Posted by Anonymously Anonymous (not verified)

I almost went back and re-installed it, until I remembered that the storyline of the game is very forgetable. Not bad, not great or even good, just a good healthy dose of "meh".

So glad I only paid $5 on a steam bargain-bin-sale.

July 19, 2018 | 11:20 PM - Posted by AnonymousFanboy (not verified)

OMFG. Seriously I am one of those fans of the franchise. I might not be the most diehard, but seriously the solution for everything in life is 'nuke it from orbit'. This game promised the world and delivered a garbage heap. After the nostalgia of the pulse rifle and alien voices wore off I can see through the thing veil of the promises being broken as the I recognized the areas advertised as a lack of fidelity that only stories of missing emails, cork screw maneuvers and committing suicide by being shot twice in the back with drag marks into a forest would appreciate.

I gave gearbox the benefit of the doubt with DNF cause it was still fun as hell, but good god the BS that went off with this title should just be stricken from the history books. I'm all for the first amendment, but this piece of 'art' requires harsh financial penalties due to its disingenuous actions towards the lore and lack morality to their customer base. Gearbox, Sega and TimeGate (Subcontractors for ACM Single player, seriously all we need is the single type of xenomorph, you should have declined the job when all these "specialty" xeno's were introduced. Work on AI instead) should be ashamed of themselves and fined heavily for being Ehhholes.

Folks purchased BorderLands 2 for me cause they wanted me to play as I actively refused to do so as Alien franchise is just one of those nostalgic things, and it wasn't worth their money.

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