Toshiba is not about to become an Asustek satellite company, yet

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Toshiba has been having a rough year, but according to what The Inquirer was been able to find out they are not quite ready to sell their computer business to AsusTek or Lenovo quite yet.  The issue stems from their pending removal from the Tokyo Stock Exchange next March do to falling below certain financial thresholds.  Toshiba is hoping that the pending $18bn sale of its semiconductor business will complete before the end of this fiscal year, which would see them into the clear, but it is uncertain that that will be the case.  Toshiba have completed a $114m sale of their TV business, which means there is not that much left for them to divest other than their computer business.  On the other hand if they sell the last of their assets there is no need to remain listed on the stock exchange.  We shall see what happens as the deadline approaches.

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"The news comes as media reports in Japan claim that the company is in talks to sell its PC manufacturing arm to Asustek Computer, best known under its Asus brandname. However, Toshiba was quick to issue a statement rejecting these rumours. "

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Source: The Inquirer

November 20, 2017 | 02:52 PM - Posted by LaptopOEMSystemNightmareSoftware (not verified)

Well at least if Toshiba's laptop division goes to AsusTek the laptop system software will be better as Toshiba's laptop system software is really bad and Graphics Driver Updates for the Intel HD graphics never occur from Toshiba(OEM Customizied HD Graphics Drivers that Intel can not update).

I have a Toshiba C655(first generation Intel core i3) series Satellite laptop and the system software on it is almost as bad as Samsung's systems software(I own a Samsung series 3 laptop). And at least on my ASUS laptop the system software is actually OK relative to Samsung's(never keeps my wifi/bluetooth turned off until I want it turned on) and Toshiba's flash card hot key utility is also total crap.

My ASUS laptop's function keys work nicely but on the Toshiba and Samsung laptops that function key software is danm near disfunctional under Samsungs' crappy software and Toshiba's Flash Card utility. The Samsung Laptop will randomly keep tuning the wifi/bluetooth on and I have no control over that process with such crappy OEM system software.

I really wish that Microsoft would have required that all that keyboard functionality be driven via the Windows OS with Microsoft creating an API standard for keyboard functionality that all the Laptop/PC hardware makers had to provide the same across all PC/Laptop products. That and graphics Driver updates should come from the GPU's maker and never the PC's/Laptop's OEM in a crappy customizied fashon that is never updated by the laptop OEM.

Well at least I Know that for most of my laptops I'll be moving them over to a Linux Distro come 2020 so maybe they will not be so OEM Bloatware encumbered. My HP Probook business laptop will be getting windows 8.1 in 2020 as that laptop came with wimndows 8 pro pre-downgraded to windows 7 Pro by HP at the factory. But Toshiba's laptops have never had good OEM specific system software or graphics driver updates since they started coming with Intel's Core i series processors with HD graphics. I have an older Toshiba Celeron M single core pre-Intel core i series L25 laprop with discrete ATI graphics and the graphics driver updates for that laptop where pretty regular up until the graphics hardware was declared legacy/no longer supported by ATI/AMD.

I'm hoping that HP gets a ProBook that comes with AMD's Raven Ridge/Ryzen 7 2700U at better than 15 watts similar my quad core Intel Ivy Bridge core i7/discrete AMD Graphics based ProBook 4540s with its a 35 Watts for the Quad-Core i7 SOC with additional cooling for the discrete Radeon GPU.
The Business Class Laptops have better software and support but all that ultrbook/thin and light nonsence has also ruined the business class workhorse grade laptops like the Probook 4540s with a quad core i7/discrete AMD GPU.

Most of the laptops at MicroCenter currently on closeout at really good prices only come with dual core U series Intel core i5s/i7s and that's just not enough CPU power for my needs.

But at least Intel's latest Coffee Lake laptop SKUs and Raven Ridge APUs offer 4 core/8 thread CPUs and nicer integrated graphics, AMD's integrated graphics in much nicer than Intel's! But I want a Probook with the Ryzen 7 2700U and more Vega nCUs and I'll probably not need any discrete GPU as that Vega integrated graphics looks to be better than the discrete mobile 7650M(Terascale Rebrand) in my current HP Probook 4540s.

August 13, 2018 | 01:21 AM - Posted by Jack Denial (not verified)

I totally agreed with your statement that "Toshiba is not about to become an Asustek satellite company, yet". Keep sharing these types of latest information with us.

if anyone is facing this "0xc0000225" error then visit-

August 14, 2018 | 01:41 AM - Posted by Ben Oakes (not verified)

My Toshiba Satellite A215 laptop has four USB ports, two on the left not want to be insulting or anything, but go ahead and check this out first, only it was showing error 0xc0000185 sometimes Overall it is a good laptop, but build quality seems to be an issue long-term.

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