The Top 20 PC Games of April, According to Raptr

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Raptr is a service for PC gamers to adjust graphics settings, earn loyalty rewards, and "powers" AMD's Gaming Evolved app, which adds driver updating and Twitch streaming to the previous list of features. It has a sizable user base, tens of millions internationally, which allows them to rank PC games by popularity. While it is not a perfect sample space, it tracks both Steam and non-Steam games. The leaders might make you say, "LoL, WoW!"

I am fully comfortable with myself after that pun.

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As you can probably guess, League of Legends is the most popular PC title, with 14.5% market share (with respect to time). WoW and Diablo III are almost a tie for second-and-third at 8.56% and 8.53%, respectively. DOTA II is next at 5.81% and The Elder Scrolls Online is fifth, with 3.78% of all game time.

Surprisingly, the tail is pretty long after that. In fact, the entire Top 20 takes up just 63% of play time, with the 21st place and lower, by definition, having less than a 0.73% share. This is a slow decline, leaving room for theoretically fifty games with Skyrim-level popularity. Several games just below the list are probably very close to one another.

I should also note that, since this is based on time, it probably skews toward long and intensive titles. This probably explains Diablo III, MMOs, and Minecraft as those games are played for hours if they are played at all. This really puts Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and, to a lesser extent, Battlefield 4 into perspective, with their series of short rounds.

Off the list since March is Titanfall, Rust, and Path of Exile. The first two are fairly surprising. Titanfall just launched and, it would seem, has not kept its players gaming habitually. Rust, on the other hand, is surprising because it is popular and, to my understanding, typically involves long play sessions.

At the very least, it puts context around Steam vs. vs. vs. Origin.

Source: Raptr

May 26, 2014 | 11:47 AM - Posted by praack

raptr? pretty lame to use just one service for a final state of gaming today.

Nvidia has their tool and steam runs numbers as well- unsure if GOG does.

my raptr has been off for a bit - does not like to work with multiple monitors well. my other machine has nvidia- so raptr is replaced with nvidias tool.

however almost everything i play (even word of tanks) i have steam launch- only a couple origin and uplay games insist i open their apps to launch.

so not sure what that would do to your numbers

May 26, 2014 | 04:01 PM - Posted by brisa117

Raptr is probably the best solution until Nvidia decides to send out a similar report. Only if we had the aggregate information from both major GPU players, would we then get a real picture. For now though, raptr is the best we can do. It's much more interesting to look at all games as opposed to just steam games or just origin games. And quite frankly, it's a much bigger pool of participants than say the Nielsen rating company gets.

What would be interesting is a study on whether AMD or Nvidia graphics card owners tend to play one type of game over another.

May 26, 2014 | 05:41 PM - Posted by biohazard918

I would be more interested in seeing intel hardware included then nvidia I doubt there is much difference between nvidia and amd but I expect the inclusion of intel hardware would give LOL an even bigger market share.

Edit: its damn impressive that WOW is still number 2 despite how damn old it is and the fact that it requires a monthly subscription.

May 28, 2014 | 12:31 PM - Posted by Sonya Harringay (not verified)

I really cannot believe that League of Legends has outrun World Of Warcraft...that just seems not legit. I am surprised Dota 2 is so low too.

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