That's not a subwoofer ... this is a subwoofer!

Subject: General Tech | March 6, 2006 - 06:34 PM |

There is such a thing as a 5 foot tall subwoofer.  You might want to consider getting it before your neighbour does, or you will lose every stereo fight you get into.  If you haven't seen this monster floating around the web yet, head over to Digital Grabber to get the scoop.

"The 60-inch subwoofer absolutely has the capability to produce SPL levels well above 180 dB. It

is simple math and the laws of physics.

Actually, before designing it, we looked at a comparison between a large number of conventional

subwoofers, or a single giant one. After we did the math, the obvious choice was the one giant

woofer. It's output displacement is comparable to 160+ ten inch woofers. It can move a lot of


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