That's the first rule of Input Club, Kira!

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Input Club Inc, which should be called InC Inc, successfully kickstarted the "ultimate full size mechanical keyboard" which they named Kira.  The designers obviously have strong feelings about keyboards as TechPowerUp alludes to some interesting behind the scenes drama involving the design team's past.  If you also share a passion for specific keyboard designs then you might want to check out their review.  The Kira offers you a lot of choice in addition to a compact design, you can choose from a variety of Cherry, Kailh, Hako, and NovelKey switches and you can easily reprogram every single key via their software if you prefer Dvorak, Colemak or other layouts than the default QWERTY. 

It is rather expensive, $169–$259 to pre-order and is thoroughly infested with RGBs, but there is a price to pay for loving keyboards this much.

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"The Input Club Kira keyboard arose as a design with lofty goals and even higher expectations from the community that helped crowdfund it. Now as a retail product, it is available in a variety of switches, case frames, colors, and even as a kit. No matter the choice, the final product does justice to light, its name, in more ways than one."

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January 25, 2019 | 06:49 PM - Posted by Anonymouse (not verified)

Looks like a slightly more squished Cherry G1800 layout, but without an ISO layout option (so pass by default).

January 27, 2019 | 11:32 PM - Posted by InzDizOtherNewz (not verified)

Mini-STX(1) comes to Ryzen and I'd love to see this tested and evaluated for other CPU cooler options that may fit this device's form factor!

"ASRock Launches World's First Mini-STX Platform Based on AMD A300: DeskMini A300"

January 28, 2019 | 09:50 AM - Posted by Anothermoshpit (not verified)

The first rule of Input Club is you don't talk about Input Club, Karen. Get it right! :P

January 28, 2019 | 02:02 PM - Posted by Jeremy Hellstrom

:)   Felt too long on a title.

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