Symantec starts a non-destructive reformat

Subject: General Tech | October 10, 2014 - 12:30 PM |
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Symantec is splitting its self down the middle, with one side focusing on their antivirus and security products, which apparently still sell and are not just bundled with new laptops and computers, and the other handling information management.  Considering they made nearly $7 billion last year someone must be buying their software and even more shocking they must be renewing the license which came with the new machine. Those commenting on Slashdot immediately tried to help Norton out by suggesting that one side should create and spread viruses while the other should come in like a white knight and slay them.  That would certainly make it a more interesting read; even so the fact that Symantec is still alive and prospering is enough of a shock for a Friday morning.

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"Symantec announced plans on Thursday to split into two separate, publicly traded companies – one focused on security, the other focused on information management. The company's security business generated $4.2 billion in revenue in fiscal year 2014 while its information management business meanwhile hit revenues of $2.5 billion. "As the security and storage industries continue to change at an accelerating pace, Symante c's security and IM businesses each face unique market opportunities and challenges," Symantec CEO Michael A. Brown, who officially took over as CEO last month, said in a statement."

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October 10, 2014 | 03:31 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

7 billion? You've got to be fucking kidding me! I wouldn't piss on Symantec if they were on fire, but i guess there's a sucker born every minute.

Their market cap should be $bankrupt. There is no justice.

October 10, 2014 | 05:03 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Symantec needs to fix its internet security suite, I do not need backup, or the software holding my hand, or deciding when to scan, I would like complete control of may scanning. Scanning and updating the virus signatures should be separate tasks, not initiated at same time, when I request a scan, some goes for backup, do not mix backup with a full system scan, I do my own system image backups, outside of the security suite's control! [ONE BUTTON SHOULD PERFORM ONE TASK]

Updating the virus/other signatures is ok in the background, but for everything else, I do not need may hand held! Internet security software should not get in my face just because the virus/other signatures have not been updated, or the computer has not been scanned for a few weeks, I own 4 laptops, the newest I use every day, the others sit in the closet, and only get fired up occasionally, or for patch Tuesday, stop harassing me Norton security suite, your software should be smart enough to Know if the laptop has been off for 2, or 3 weeks that chances are things are not so dire, so stop forcing a scan the minute, one of my laptops is fired up, after a few weeks of being off!

I do not want a password safe, I do not want a backup service, I do not need a lot of the bells and whistles, that you have enabled at install, they should be off until I choose to turn them ON(Off, out of the box). I really only need Firewall, and virus scan/real time protection, Just the essentials for basic security/internet security. One button for one task, none of this do a entire system scan, get a backup in the process, KYFHO off of my system, and my personal files, the OS has the backup functionality, do not takeover windows 7's defrag, when you install, and that's another service I do not need from an Internet Security suite, Just the basics, and not all the unnecessary bells and whistles, Internet security software, and system utilities should never be mixed in one application!!!

Your Internet security software, should have 2 resources modes, one that can operate in the background and not cause my system to become unresponsive while doing any pre- approved background scanning/etc., THE OTHER is an all computer resources all cores/threads intensive scanning mode, for when I want to scan the entire system as quickly as possible, and I am only needing a complete system scan done as quickly as possible(use all cores, and threads 100%, and get the Scan over with)!!!! I always do a complete system scan, and nothing else, right before I do my system image backups(Twice a month), So give me the ability to utilize all available CPU Cycles to get the job done, and stop stealing my time!! No cloud services ever in the security software, the only thing coming from your security cloud, should be the signatures(Virus, other) and software updates, and never should any of my personal files be in your cloud. Really the only thing I need is Firewall, and Virus/real time protection, the other stuff I can do without!!! System Utilities should be the job of the OS, so while you are splitting things, Symantec, the time is right for Firewall, virus, and real time virus/firewall protection to be split from any cloud/backup/system utilities, I'm not an infant, in need of any diaper change, or hand holding!

P.S. get that Facebook stuff out of my firewall/security software, and fix that pops up if the mouse hovers over it stuff that you insert into my web searches, if I want info about the page, I'll left click on the little inserted icon, but that popup on mouse hover, is damn annoying.

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