Skype adds an AI powered f stop-ish feature

Subject: General Tech | February 7, 2019 - 01:54 PM |
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If you liked the look of Sebastian's video on the Podcast, but lack the funds to order the camera he was using that let him adjust the aperture for that effect then Microsoft has good news for you.  They are bringing the AI powered background blurring effect they rolled out in Teams to Skype 8, which will be arriving the same time as the desktop version we are used to kicks the bucket.  While the move to UWP has not been well received by many, perhaps this indicates Microsoft will be focusing on improving the single remaining version of Skype.

The Inquirer reminds you why blurring your background can be a good idea, if you had forgotten about this video.

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"Said release is Skype version 8, the first to exclusively use the Universal Windows (tiled) standard at the expense of the more feature-rich desktop version, though Microsoft has confirmed that it will be adding more familiar features to the new edition."

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February 7, 2019 | 05:30 PM - Posted by YesInviteThemAllToThePartyThoseTLAsAssesors (not verified)

Yes some AI based facial recognition processing in the background while that image background gets its blur! And that's M$'s Big Skype is watching YOU cloud AI analysis on the way to the three letter agencies including those IRS agents knocking on your door to seize your gaming rig to pay back taxes.

To blur the background reguires that the AI have access to all of the unblured streaming content to work it's magic via those cloud hosted tensor cores.

Yes some folks are not really thinking things through fully as their fancy web camera films away sending any raw feeds to M$'s Cloud to be processed by the TLA's Cloud Hosted Services on the Next server cluster over in the same building.

Good luck hiding that extra bedroom from the property tax assessor after you have Skyped your fancy crib from evey angle via PC webcams and Phone Cams of all shapes and sizes. And some phones can do some damn good 3d scans also for those that are fibbing about their square footage to the local PA. Oh those fines will add up quickly as you are forced to move to some rusty single wide in that crappy trailer park after the fines are assesed.

Mr T Pities You Fools, just look at MC Hammer when the Tax Man came put that hammer down on his A$$!

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