Skip tailoring your suit, scan yourself for the perfect fit

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There was an interesting use of Intel's Realsense 3D technology displayed at IDF by a company called Volumental.  By using a new product with the new style of camera it would be possible to make a 3D map of your body accurate enough to make clothing patterns from.  The example offered were a pair shoes that could be ordered online with no concerns about the fit as the shoes would be perfect for you.  That is just the beginning though, you would also be able to order a perfectly tailored suit online without ever needing to appear in person for a fitting.  It could also lead to an even worse Fappening in the future; choose your online clothing supplier carefully.  There is more here at The Inquirer.

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"The proof of concept software, called Volume Voice[sic], accurately scans parts of the human body with Intel's Realsense 3D depth cameras, which will soon feature on Intel-powered laptops and tablets. Volumental's cloud-based platform will then allow individuals to create products that are tailored to their own bodies, for example, shoes that fit perfectly without the need to try them on before buying."

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September 13, 2014 | 09:17 AM - Posted by QD (not verified)

The article really revolves around "shoes" not suits. When you either talk to your parents or get older and have to deal with foot, knee and back issues and how all that can be related to your activity, stride and gait, you'll appreciate the huge difference.

That said, this may be exciting tech however you apply it. The biggest PITA in getting good (often very expensive) shoes is the fitting. When dealing with online/mail-order- it's vital.


September 14, 2014 | 02:44 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Taylor robots for the Fat with stubby legs crowd! Never appears to be pants, with my inseam, and the stuff at the army-navy store is not as adjustable at it once was. I'm right on the line from being too fat for one size range, to having something that's to big and flappy, just to get a proper waist size, not to mention the fat Gluteus-Maximus. Military fatigues used to be so adjustable, and were intentionally made to be modified, but now there's barely any excess material around the zipper/buttons to allow for any customization. Man those good old military khakis with the pleats, and the extra wide overlap in the flaps around the fly, that allowed for more modification, without a zipper, or button fly showing. There should be an X-prize for someone who invents a 3d measuring system that could direct a cloth cutting machine in cutting a bespoke pair of pants, even if there is not a robot that can yet do the job of a piece worker. The pattern is the difficult part, and this could still be sewn together(mostly or partially) the old fashioned way, its the tailoring, and fitting that costs the money, in the bespoke business.

September 14, 2014 | 06:30 PM - Posted by Jeremy Hellstrom

If you can scan a body part accurately enough to make a piece of tailored clothing, such as the example they gave which would allow a custom last to be made, then you apply the same technique to other body parts.

September 14, 2014 | 08:15 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

The scanning would be the easy part, its the tailoring of the style and cut of the pants and doing the cutting of the fabric without having to spend hours tailoring the fitting, and paying the tailor for the services. UAV unwrapping the 3d into 2d and then applying the modifications to the pattern to account for the seams and overall final style, is the hard part, as well as pockets and other design/style considerations. I'm sure that the wealthy clients have casts made and custom fitting mannequins made, so they do not have to stand around at the Haute couture boutiques every season, when the new styles appear. But custom fitting mannequins in 3d(stored in a file) for the Fat Slob, like me, to order from a high volume manufacturer, with robotic tailors figuring the style, and Robots Cutting single layers of fabric to my god awful exact proportions, would be nice, and no need for any expensive Cast/fitting mannequins(now 3d printed), expensive tailors, or seamstress. Just robot cut the custom pattern and send the parts down the line to be sewn together piece style. This one size fits all does not fit my deformed self at all, I need tailoring made to fit Quasimodo.

Screw you rap stars for making every word in the English language a stage name, and screw you search engines for basing your search results on rankings, and not on first, or original meanings etc., this goes for you too DuckDuckGo, as well as the others. This gaming the search engine algorithms by ad companies, and promotional services, is ruining the internet for research and fact checking!

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