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If Tim Sweeney's statement that "Now, 60% of PCs on the market don't have a workable graphics processor at all." is true, then higher end PC gaming is indeed in an odd spot.  On the other hand, high end gaming is not the be all end all of PC gaming.  If Intel's integrated graphics can't handle Crysis, they can certainly manage Civilizations 4, and can probably make a good try at WoW.  Intel is also not the integrated chipset to watch right now, that distinction belongs to AMD and the 7-series chipset, which can handle some newer FPS games out of the box, and has no trouble when a second card is added in.  He also makes mention of the external PCI Express standard, although why that differs from an internal PCI-E card in terms of his argument is not fully explained.

Read the full article at TG Daily and see what you think.

"We got a chance to sit down with one of the sparkling celebrities of the IT industry during the the Game Developers

Conference 2008: Tim Sweeney is founder and CEO of Epic Games, creator of the famous Unreal game engines.

TG Daily editor Theo Valich spoke with Sweeney about the future of the PC as a game platform, the role of the

next-generation of game consoles, the next Unreal engine as well as the future of Epic.

We have known Sweeney for several years and are always looking forward to his view on the state of the gaming industry,

which he is not afraid to discuss openly. In this first part of our three-part interview, Sweeney takes on the PC, which

he believes is in trouble and can’t keep up with game consoles, mistakes in Windows Vista and the integrated graphics


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Source: TG Daily

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