Release To Manufacturer - Vista and Office

Subject: General Tech | November 27, 2006 - 06:54 PM |

ExtremeMhz has posted a look at the RTM versions of Vista and Office '07.  No longer in beta, but not officially released, it is still possible to be able to get a look at it before you buy.

'Final RTM versions of both Windows Vista and Office 2007 have spread like wildfire on the net. Despite its

scheduled standalone product release of January 30th 2007, both have been leaked and have managed to make their

rounds on the net. We've got both, and have installed and played with them for a while now. In this short

article, we not only show you some screenshots of the final RTM builds, but also provide an overview on both,

briefly touching hardware support, current software support, pricing, versions available and more.'

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Source: ExtremeMhz