Quantum Weirdness for your computer

Subject: General Tech | February 24, 2006 - 11:29 AM |

Quantum Computing seems to get weirder the more is learned about it.  While the idea that a quantum computer could go arrive at an answer without hitting the intermediate steps needed for normal processing, the idea that it can answer a question not even asked is definately new.   Try Boing Boing's quick run down, and if you want to know more, there are links everywhere.

"Utilizing two coupled optical interferometers, nested within a third, Kwiat's team succeeded in

counterfactually searching a four-element database using Grover's quantum search algorithm. "By

placing our photon in a quantum superposition of running and not running the search algorithm, we

obtained information about the answer even when the photon did not run the search algorithm," said

graduate student Onur Hosten, lead author of the Nature paper. "We also showed theoretically how

to obtain the answer without ever running the algorithm, by using a 'chained Zeno' effect."

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