Podcast #398 - AMD Radeon Pro Duo Review, Godavari Refresh, ECS Z170-Claymore, ICY DOCK hot-swappable SSDs, and more!

Subject: General Tech | May 5, 2016 - 05:33 PM |
Tagged: Z170, video, radeon pro duo, podcast, nvidia, nfme, microsoft, icy dock, Hot swap, GTX 1080, Godavari, freesync, ECS, Claymore, Antec P9, amd, a8-7670k, A10-7860K

PC Perspective Podcast #398 - 05/05/2016

Join us this week as we discuss the AMD Radeon Pro Duo Review, Godavari Refresh, ECS Z170-Claymore, ICY DOCK hot-swappable SSDs, and more!

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This episode of the PC Perspective Podcast is sponsored by Lenovo!

Hosts: Allyn Malventano, Jeremy Hellstrom, and Josh Walrath

Program length: 1:29:10

  1. Week in Review:
  2. News items of interest:
  3. Hardware/Software Picks of the Week
    1. Jeremy: Microsoft - “Pray I don't alter it any further
  4. Closing/outro

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Video News

May 5, 2016 | 08:56 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

The AMD Radeon Pro Duo Review, Great deal if you want to get the option of using the pro graphics drivers, without spending $2000-$4000 on a Full FirePro SKU with this much processing power! You won't get all of the error correction/more FP resources of the full production FirePro SKUs but you will be able to develop software using/targeting the pro graphics drivers for a great savings for some student/training/development uses. You can even load the gaming oriented graphics drivers and get the better FPS over the pro graphics drivers with their accuracy oriented math libraries/other libraries that give less FPS for the necessary accuracy/percision for non gaming graphics uses. Maybe some more testing can be done when the gaming engine/driver/benchmarking software stacks become available to fully test things under DX12/Vulkan!

The real Flagship Fapping will have to wait for 2017, when the HBM2/other improvments get here from both AMD and Nvidia!

May 6, 2016 | 05:43 AM - Posted by JohnGR


Your reaction to the FreeSync list and especially about LFC was so predictable that I was like "wow!, I knew it, but wow!". :p

Many FreeSync monitors came before AMD announced LFC and most FreeSync monitors are much cheaper than GSync equivalents. So, yes, you can't expect most past and present monitors to support LFC and definitely there are going to be future monitors that wouldn't support it either.

We have monitors that go as high as 144Hz for years, if not higher. Does this means that there are NO 60Hz FullHD monitors? If we look at the models in the market, are there more 144Hz FullHD monitors, or 60Hz FullHD monitors? I am only adding the FullHD parameter here because I am thinking that for a FullHD monitor it would be pretty easy to support higher refresh rates. Do we see 60Hz being used only for UHD monitors? If not, then how is it that you consider LFC as something that you would probably mostly not see with UHD monitors? Why do you consider LFC as something to be expected for FullHD monitors? I don't say it wouldn't be nice.

One last thing to consider

There are 16(only?) GSync monitors in Nvidia's list

There are 78 FreeSync monitors in AMD's list and 22 of them support LFC. So, even if you throw all FreeSync monitors that don't support LFC into the trash, there are still more FreeSync+LFC monitors out there than GSync.

Have a nice day :)

PS AMD needs a "FreeSync Premium" or something, sticker for FreeSync+LFC monitors, yesterday.

May 6, 2016 | 12:04 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

I agree Allyn comments towards AMD was and usually are predictable.

May 7, 2016 | 05:04 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Well Pascal has been introduced, with Polaris to follow shortly! So it's now time to get out your notebooks and take note of just what benchmarks, and benchmarking software will be used when comparing Pascal to Polaris as there will be more DX11 titles than DX12 titles out there. So any immediate conclusions about any overall winner will be the subject of much debate and flame wars!

There will be a much longer wait for any definite conclusions, pending the arrival of more and better benchmarking software than is currently available that is able to test games under DX11(Lots currently), but also the DX12 as well as the Vulkan graphics APIs(not so much). DX12 and Vulkan are still brand new. So with all of a big * beside the first results, and the results after some months, let the benchmarking begin under NDA, while the deadlines are approaching leading up to the actual consumer availability of both the Pascal and Polaris SKUs!

The tasting/benchmarking suites are not all there yet, for DX12 and Vulkan along with much in the way of benchmarking for any VR games testing with the specialized VR software that will be difficult to measure until the third party independent benchmarking software developers can get a better handle on things. I'll be looking for the cherry-picking of benchmarking results, and the jumps to any definite conclusions without letting the readers know that more testing needs to be done when the testing software becomes available over the next months!

That M$ UWP, stuff, with its feature restrictions will have to be weighed also! So with all the change and flux still going on in every aspect of the gaming hardware/gaming API and VR gaming markets, let the fisticuffs begin!

Hot Buttered Popcorn! Get your Hot buttered Popcorn!

May 7, 2016 | 10:59 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

The real fisticuffs are going to come when new DX11/D12 GameWork titles come out and if Maxwell performance drops across the boards in comparison to AMDs 300s & Fijis.

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