Podcast #309 - Live from Quakecon 2014!

Subject: General Tech | July 17, 2014 - 12:54 PM |
Tagged: Z97-WS, video, quakecon 2014, quakecon, podcast, flash voyager gtx, corsair, asus, 760T

PC Perspective Podcast #309 - 07/17/2014

Join us live from Quakecon 2014 as we talk about the ASUS Z97-WS, Corsair Flasy Voyager GTX and more!

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Hosts: Ryan Shrout, Josh Walrath, Allyn Malventano, and Morry Tietelman

Program length: 0:50:48

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July 17, 2014 | 02:39 PM - Posted by Goofus Maximus (not verified)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Love those switches to the website with that heroic music!!!! You need more of that in your podcasts! :)

July 17, 2014 | 03:36 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

If you want to delid your CPU:
Yes go with the vice method but when your done change out the TIM and put the lid back on! This way you get better temps and you dont break you CPU.

Dropped my 4770K down by 25°C and now it easily runs at 4,6 GHz 24/7.

July 17, 2014 | 08:02 PM - Posted by JxcelDolghmQ (not verified)

Wish I could have attended, that way Josh would have at least found one SupCom player. It's sad to see how few people play it.

What was the music at 2:20? Sounds familiar

July 18, 2014 | 01:25 AM - Posted by collie

Holy shit, surrounded by normals josh looks like a old fat man. JOSHTEKK.COM ROCKS MY FM RADIO!

July 18, 2014 | 01:45 PM - Posted by Josh Walrath

It sucks to be an old, fat man.

July 19, 2014 | 08:42 AM - Posted by Martin Trautvetter

You guys should really have gone for some seriously flamboyant patterned shirts to match the 70s party room colour palette! ;)

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