Podcast #217 - Corsair AX1200i Power Supply, Video Games as Art, Wireless Charging and more!

Subject: General Tech | September 6, 2012 - 01:26 PM |
Tagged: wireless charging, VIVO, thunderbolt, podcast, k90, k60, corsair, black mesa, ax1200i, asus

PC Perspective Podcast #217 - 09/06/2012

Join us this week as we talk about the Corsair AX1200i Power Supply, Video Games as Art, Wireless Charging and more!

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Hosts: Ryan Shrout, Josh Walrath, Jeremy Hellstrom, Allyn Malvantano and Scott Michaud

This Podcast is brought to you by MSI!

A big thanks goes to our friends at ALXTech.net for hosting our PC Perspective gaming server!  Find out how you can get a game server for just $0.65/slot by visiting http://alxtech.net/pcper/!!

Program length: 1:24:36

Program Schedule:

  1. Week in Reviews:
    1. 0:01:55 Corsair AX1200i Power Supply review
    2. 0:09:00 Lucid Virtu MVP for mobile
    3. 0:19:25 Corsair K60 and K90 Keyboard review
    4. 0:28:50 Video Games Do Not Want to be Art?
  2. 0:38:20 This Podcast is brought to you by MSI!
  3. News items of interest:
    1. 0:39:20 Wireless charging is close!
    2. 0:44:13 Western Digital 2TB Thunderbolt MyBook
    3. 0:47:20 Arctic MC101 Trinity based HTPC
    4. 0:48:50 ASUS shows Vivo tablets at IFA
    5. 0:53:30 Ultrabook with 2560x1440 display from Samsung
    6. 0:56:10 Lower Power IVB coming soon
    7. 0:57:30 The ASUS Eee PC line is gone...
    8. 1:02:30 ASUS launches "Powered by ASUS" systems
  4. Closing:
    1. 1:08:00 Hardware / Software Pick of the Week
      1. Ryan: Apple iPad HDMI adapter
      2. Jeremy: Almost as long to develop as Duke Nukem but way cheaper and so much better
      3. Josh: $155 for people with patience...
      4. Allyn: Storage Testbed! Z77, baby.
      5. Scott: Wacom Cintiq 22HD (video)
      6. Also -- Arctic Silver 5 -- does it expire?
  1. 1-888-38-PCPER or podcast@pcper.com
  2. http://pcper.com/podcast
  3. http://twitter.com/ryanshrout and http://twitter.com/pcper
  4. Closing/outro

Video News

September 6, 2012 | 04:33 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

As always a great show, however the audio is terrible.
None of the separate microphones have been balanced. This makes for uneven volume and sounds awful!!

September 7, 2012 | 11:45 AM - Posted by Goofus Maximus (not verified)

Rather than "terrible", I'd say the audio is just unbalanced enough to be uncomfortable, turning up the sound to hear the moderator, then having the sidekicks blast through my eardrums with random outbursts that I can't anticipate. Some dynamic range compression or post-production leveling would be appreciated... :)

September 7, 2012 | 07:37 PM - Posted by Ken Addison

I fully agree with the both of you, and want to let everyone know im working on it. The root of my issues stem from having 3 (in this case 4) different people coming across one input on the mixer, since skype is running on all on the same computer. Due to this, I have to level them with each skype call's levels, which isnt the greatest. This combined with the fact that I have to monitor the show at the board level, and cant listen to the ultimate stream output (a few different volume sliders later in the chain) has brought me some difficulties.


However, I AM working on this, and I hope to have it a better, soon.

September 9, 2012 | 05:11 PM - Posted by Dan (not verified)

Hey Ryan,

One thing I really like about your podcast is how you direct the questions to certain individuals. This is great as there isn't a lot of people trying to talk over one another. In the latest podcast you had someone else on from your staff in addition to the normal cast. This was awesome. I'd encourage you to keep brining other people on. Most podcasts (TWIT) have an issue with more than 3 people but yours benefits from it.

If I had any critiques I would just like it to be a little longer.

Keep up the good work!

September 13, 2012 | 11:04 PM - Posted by Scott Michaud

A lot of that comes from Ryan knowing his staff very well -- particularly with knowing which co-host suits the topic best.

September 11, 2012 | 05:21 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Thanks for the response Ken. Perhaps a bit of pre-show tuning?
Regardless the show is great and you are doing a great job.

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