Podcast #203 - ASUS N56VM notebook, XFX 7850s and 7870s, Thunderbolt on Windows and more!

Subject: General Tech | May 24, 2012 - 02:59 PM |
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PC Perspective Podcast #203 - 05/24/2012

Join us this week as we talk about the ASUS N56VM notebook, XFX 7850s and 7870s, Thunderbolt on Windows and more!

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The URL for the podcast is: http://pcper.com/podcast - Share with your friends!

Hosts: Ryan Shrout, Jeremy Hellstrom, Josh Walrath, and Allyn Malvantano

Program length: 1:12:55

Program Schedule:

  1. Introduction
  2. 1-888-38-PCPER or podcast@pcper.com
  3. http://pcper.com/podcast
  4. http://twitter.com/ryanshrout and http://twitter.com/pcper
  5. 0:02:00 You talked about all the cool stuff last week!
    1. GK110
    3. AMD Trinity
    4. GTX 670
  6. 0:13:30 Antec High Current Pro Platinum 1000 watt PSU
  7. 0:16:20 ASUS N56VM Ivy Bridge Notebook - our reference system
  8. 0:17:30 XFX HD 7870 and HD 7850 Black Edition
  9. 0:28:25 Unreal Engine 4 Screenshots
  10. 0:31:00 AMD to stop making "needlessly powerful" CPUs
  11. 0:42:00 NVIDIA is not recalling Kepler
  12. 0:45:00 Thunderbolt for Windows from ASUS and MSI announced
  13. 0:48:30 Josh's Banana Phone - VIA $49 Android PC
  14. 0:51:30 Seagate to purchase LaCie
  15. 0:56:30 The discrete graphics card is not dead
  16. 1:02:00 Hardware / Software Pick of the Week
    1. Ryan: Pegasus R4 Thunderbolt External Storage
    2. Jeremy: DeLorean Hovercraft or levitating bed? Or I could go old school.
    3. Josh: Some Thieving Goodies from Way Back
    4. Allyn: Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 - alignment for SSDs integral with partition moves / resizes / etc
  17. 1-888-38-PCPER or podcast@pcper.com
  18. http://pcper.com/podcast   
  19. http://twitter.com/ryanshrout and http://twitter.com/pcper
  20. Closing





May 29, 2012 | 10:33 AM - Posted by collie man (not verified)

not exactly sure where else to post this so I'm comenting on the podcast here. First GREAT SHOW as always full of usefull info, funny {to geeks like us anyway} and it's just plane nice to hear the way you guys get along.
HOWEVER I want to say one thing about the VIA banana. I am one of the ones who is saying it's going after the Raspberry PI, but not the Raspberry PI itself, it's for those of us {myself included} who misunderstood what the PI is. Alot of us thought "$25 dollar system, I'm gonna have one in every room and closet in my house as a HTPC," I believe Ryan was the one who kept saying "Double sided taped to a monitor" When the PI arrived we all had to realize, that's not what the PI is. It's basically the most complex educational toy ever made. And THAT'S AWESOME, but not what most of us older geeks wanted.
ENTER THE VIA BANANA, the board that I wanted PI to be. Low power, Low heat, simple to build a simple as fuck silent entertainment terminal for the bedroom tv, or a cheep bathroom computer for browsing on the john, or just a second basic pc for my wife to play her flash games on while I'm reading every word on the pcper.com and she is bored outa her skull.
If it has a full codec pack, can play videos from my main rig's network shared files, and has full flash suport, then this is exactly what it would take to build the full home network for us broke bastards who want a system in every room, but not have to try sleeping to the fans of a P4 buzzing 24/7.
Once again, GREAT SHOW, please never stop doing what you do so well!

May 29, 2012 | 09:12 PM - Posted by Shadownav (not verified)

I laughed so hard at the devil CEO joke. haha

May 31, 2012 | 01:17 PM - Posted by Mishera (not verified)

Hey great show guys. I had a comment on the discussion of Amd's decision not to pursue top level cpus. Personally, I don't see anything different with this message than from Dirk, as Amd hasn't really competed on the cpu side in the past few years. This seemed to be more of a marketing angle than anything else, as they're trying to slowly position themselves to a new type of workload for their apu.

You guys are right that Intel could try to postpone this, but pay close attention to the next generation game consoles. If the rumors are true that playstation is using one of Amd's apus, that will be a huge win for Amd and ggpu programming.

A final note: I think it's a bit off-base to think that developers are impeded by technology. I think that's a common excuse and somewhat of a cop-out. The most innovation we've seen in games in the last few years came from Apple and Nintendo, both of which don't have the most cutting edge graphics hardware (though they do have some innovation in other aspects of hardware). This push for more and more graphics haven't really led to better experiences, and really is a trend that is unsustainable as the cost for producing this graphically intensive games exponentially increases. If games are going to improve overall, and be considered art, then developers need to focus more on the gameplay and experiences than pushing more polygons.

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