PCPer v4.0 Giveaway: ASUS Maximus IV Extreme P67 B3 Motherboard

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As you can no doubt tell, PC Perspective got a HUGE and much needed facelift recently to what we are internally calling "PC Perspective v4.0".  I know there are still some kinks to work out and we are actively addressing any feedback from our readers in this comment thread.  

But we want to celebrate the launch of the new site in style!!  Some of our site sponsors have very generously offered up some prizes for us to give out throughout the coming days...

The sixth prize is truly a killer motherboard, the ASUS Maximus IV Extreme P67 B3!

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This motherboard from ASUS has just about anything an enthusiast could ask for including:

  • ROG Connect: Plug and Overclock - Tweak it the hardcore way!
  • ROG iDirect : Tune your PC from your iPhone or iPad now!
  • RC Bluetooth: Smashes through all the barriers of conventional overclocking!
  • Extreme Engine Digi+: Smashes through all the barriers of conventional overclocking!
  • USB BIOS Flashback: Refresh the BIOS can never be that easy

How can you win this wonderful piece of engineering that currently sells for more than $360???

Couldn't be easier: post a comment in this post thanking ASUS for its sponsorship of PC Perspective as well as any ideas you have for the NEXT super-motherboard.  What other features would you like to see from ASUS? 

You should probably have a registered account or at least be sure you include your email address in the appropriate field so we can contact you!

We will pick the winners soon and move on to the next hardware that finds its way to PC Perspective offices.  Good luck and thanks for reading!!

Source: ASUS

April 25, 2011 | 03:27 PM - Posted by jebner

Thanks Asus, hard to even think what else to add this board has so much already. But I would say improving the ease and dependability of overclocking is always a plus.

April 25, 2011 | 03:29 PM - Posted by Gotmilk

Wow, awesome M.B. thank you Asus for your sponsorship of PC Perspectives - much appreciated. How about continued USB 3.0 support and a remote control:)

Thanks Asus:)

April 25, 2011 | 03:29 PM - Posted by Swanton187 (not verified)

Thanks ASUS for sponsoring PC Perspective.

April 25, 2011 | 03:30 PM - Posted by seanp

I'm so glad Asus is sponsoring PC Perspective.

I would like to build the "Gaming Machine from Heck" with this new motherboard. I already have two Radeon 4770's to put in this beast.

Looking forward to Asus putting in some sort of remote overclocking switch panel with O/C percentage options and voltages.

Thanks Ryan and Crew!

San Diego, CA

[a registered user]

April 25, 2011 | 03:30 PM - Posted by Oin Taylor (not verified)

Thanks ASUS !! Maybe a margarita maker next time.

April 25, 2011 | 03:30 PM - Posted by constantino

Thanks Asus! I have a Asus Mobo, incredible performance and durability. Stay on the track, Asus!


April 25, 2011 | 03:30 PM - Posted by Andrew514 (not verified)

Shout out to ASUS. Thanking them for their sponsorship of PCPER and for the fine motherboards they've been cranking out for longer than I've existed. Next super-motherboards, I want to see liquid cooling options, i.e. integrated chipset and power system waterblocks. As well as built in automatic pump and radiator regulation, analogous to cpu fan regulation.

April 25, 2011 | 03:32 PM - Posted by drougnor

Thanks a ton for the sponsorship of PCPer, and for MOBO improvements, folks, I have big clumsy fingers . . . make those onboard connectors easier to deal with! PLEASE! (simple extensions to move the pin plugging out and away from the board!)

April 25, 2011 | 03:33 PM - Posted by Isaac Johnson

Thanks ASUS for sponsoring PC Perspective! Dual processor...

April 25, 2011 | 03:33 PM - Posted by wyldtek

Tuning from Android

April 25, 2011 | 03:34 PM - Posted by metaboard (not verified)

Thanks ASUS!!! I'd like to see something like MSI's 4 LED back panel to debug POST issues on ASUS.

April 25, 2011 | 03:35 PM - Posted by Steve (not verified)

I could use this. My AMD 1090T is a little weak. It's back to Intel for a power rig.

April 25, 2011 | 03:35 PM - Posted by Ryan J (not verified)

Thanks ASUS for your sponsorship! For the next super motherboard I would like to see unicorns and rainbows.

April 25, 2011 | 03:36 PM - Posted by GAT-ROT

thanks Asus for sponsoring PC Perspective! more colors!

April 25, 2011 | 03:39 PM - Posted by somarilnos

Thank you ASUS for your sponsorship of PCPer, and for consistently pumping out quality mobos.

What would I like to see? I personally think a nice option would be an integrated fan controller with a 5.25" panel to mount on the front of the case. There are a lot of aftermarket options, but this would be a nice feature to have on-board, especially since the mobo could have the capability to report temperatures and the like directly to an LCD on the front panel attachment, without having to attach separate probes or anything of the sort.

April 25, 2011 | 03:41 PM - Posted by fketchum

Thanks ASUS for supporting PcPer. The web site and podcast provide so much useful info to us fans. I would be lost with out it.

April 25, 2011 | 03:44 PM - Posted by MartO (not verified)

I am a technology enthusiast and enjoy seeing the boundaries pushed and well implemented the way Asus does in their motherboards. It is good to see a quality sponsor such as Asus sponsoring the Pc Perspective podcast, thanks.

April 25, 2011 | 03:45 PM - Posted by iBaliw

Thanks Asus for supporting PCPer. It would be nice if i win this one.

April 25, 2011 | 03:45 PM - Posted by Siljo (not verified)

Thanks ASUS for sponsoring PC Perspective!

your products are very reliable and I am a happy customer. :)


April 25, 2011 | 03:46 PM - Posted by tellis006

Thank you Asus for your sponsorship if pcper I am building a computer and this would be the board of my dreams Thanks Thomas

April 25, 2011 | 03:47 PM - Posted by TheDonk (not verified)

Really like asus mobo's, thanks asus for supporting pcper. I would like my next motherboard to accept both intel and amd processors, not much to ask for is it.

April 25, 2011 | 03:47 PM - Posted by Imperfectlink

There probably aren't many ways to improve this motherboard if at all. I have an aging Rampage Formula that I still hold dear. Thanks Asus and PcPerspective for a chance at winning the beginning of my next hardware refresh.

April 25, 2011 | 03:50 PM - Posted by TridenT (not verified)

Thank you ASUS for supporting PCPer.

I would suggest making the next motherboard cheaper with all these features.

April 25, 2011 | 03:57 PM - Posted by gassyjoe

Thanks ASUS for sponsoring PC Perspective. I'd love to see built-in Wireless-N on motherboards.

April 25, 2011 | 03:57 PM - Posted by Tzzird

Thanks ASUS :)

April 25, 2011 | 03:57 PM - Posted by Gemtruk

ASUS I love you! Many thanks for sponsoring this incredible tech site!

Too bad there isn't a plain old PCI lane. I guess that's pretty old though.

April 25, 2011 | 04:01 PM - Posted by jtheater

Thank you ASUS for an awesome contest! Built in wireless capability!

April 25, 2011 | 04:01 PM - Posted by jtheater

Thank you ASUS for an awesome contest! Built in wireless capability!

April 25, 2011 | 04:05 PM - Posted by James (not verified)

about 10 years ago i sat on a plane next to a guy from HP. I outlined several things I wanted in motherboards.

1 swappable/redundant bioses
2 restart and power button
3 very basic operating system

It only took them a few years to get it all in there, but reguardless, this board by ASUS is a great overclocker, has tons of practical features and I am really digging that low profile northbridge and chipset controller. It looks like a 5870 can slip right in there without bumping anything.

April 25, 2011 | 04:10 PM - Posted by I. Liveclean

A big "Thank You" to Asus for their support of PC Perspective. Looking forward, I would like to see the ability to use different brands (and generations)of video cards in SLI mode.

April 25, 2011 | 04:11 PM - Posted by ChangWang

Wow, ASUS really outdid themselves this time. Thanks ASUS, love your products. In for the win!

April 25, 2011 | 04:12 PM - Posted by havik2k

Thanks to ASUS for supporting PC Per with a great giveaway. I would love to see an external small LCD to place on the desk showing all the critical system info.

April 25, 2011 | 04:14 PM - Posted by Rick Rodriguez (not verified)


April 25, 2011 | 04:17 PM - Posted by Brooks (not verified)

Thanks ASUS for helping this great site.

April 25, 2011 | 04:17 PM - Posted by savage

Thanks ASUS for sponsoring PCPer.

I would love to buy a mainboard with an Intel ULV-CPU.

April 25, 2011 | 04:19 PM - Posted by sotoa

Thanks Asus for the support and great products!
+1 for built in wireless-N

April 25, 2011 | 04:20 PM - Posted by Kai Singson (not verified)

Thanx Asus for sponsoring PCPer and unleashing a great number of motherboard beasts!
A cool and unique feature for a Super-motherboard should be: having atleast 5 PCIe x16 slots which will run the penta-GPU's in SLI'd or CF-X all in x16!! Also, a small one-of-a-kind LCD on the mobo for displaying the temperature!
Hoping to see these new features on mobos. 8)

April 25, 2011 | 04:20 PM - Posted by kyleandsaira

Thank you for your sponsorship Asus. You guys always have the best color schemes for your mobos.

I love the site, keep up the good work pcper.

April 25, 2011 | 04:21 PM - Posted by Peter (not verified)

Thanks Asus!! I love you guys.A remote would be a great feature!

April 25, 2011 | 04:21 PM - Posted by klatch

Looks great. Thank-you ASUS for supporting PC Perspective. One think I liked on some of the workstation boards was the little add in LCD and power switch that one could use for diagnostics. I do love that ASUS is using Intel Gigabit LAN connectors instead of realtek ones - keep up the good work ASUS, and keep sponsoring PCPer.com so Ryan and the boys can let us know of the work you are doing.

April 25, 2011 | 04:22 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Love your MBMBaM spot!

April 25, 2011 | 04:23 PM - Posted by dinz

I shed a manly tear when I read "control from your iPad"

Thanks Asus. ;_;

April 25, 2011 | 04:26 PM - Posted by Justin Newton (not verified)

thanks ASUS. my favorite MoBo manufacturer strikes again.

how about water block ready chipsets?! may as well when you've gone this far!

April 25, 2011 | 04:26 PM - Posted by krankycheese

Thank you ASUS. I would like to see a Linux bootable flash OS which can be booted for troubleshooting purposes.

April 25, 2011 | 04:26 PM - Posted by Rodo (not verified)

i already have a Maximus III Formula! great MB!
but a Maximus IV Extreme P67 B3 wuold be nice here in my case!

Thank you ASUS for sponsoring PC Perspective, really help me to get on the market!

I got an idea, what about intagrated flash memory on MB to fast boot and "all in" drivers, discarting cds, donwloads etc...

Thats it! Thanks!! Hope you enjoy my idea!

April 25, 2011 | 04:27 PM - Posted by djskinnyb

Thanks ASUS for the PCPer love! Used a lot of ASUS boards over the years. One thing I would like is a ITX version of an enthusiast board like this one (due to size SLI would be out), but a good BIOS with solid overclocking in a compact size would be appreciated.

April 25, 2011 | 04:28 PM - Posted by CanuckMark

Well thanks ASUS for another awesome motherboard, looking to upgrade my old Q6600 and this would be a good start. And I thanks ASUS for its sponsorship of PC Perspective. Good Luck to all who enter.

April 25, 2011 | 04:28 PM - Posted by oh_fubar

Many Thanks Asus and PC Perspective !!

April 25, 2011 | 04:28 PM - Posted by avitus

Thank you Asus for sponsoring PC Perspective.
This is a true enthusiast mobo, awesome stuff!!

Im loving the new site pcper, keep up the great work.

April 25, 2011 | 04:28 PM - Posted by jmanny (not verified)

Thanks ASUS! Making things easier to Over clock would be a nice addition.

April 25, 2011 | 04:33 PM - Posted by Dale (not verified)

Thanks ASUS. ASUS and pcper.com make a great team.

April 25, 2011 | 04:34 PM - Posted by Spada (not verified)

Thanks ASUS for this great contest reward! Thanks PC Per for a great site update.

What would I like to see in the next MB... I have no clue! I love what you guys do now.

April 25, 2011 | 04:37 PM - Posted by BradB (not verified)

Thanks ASUS for your sponsorship!!! PCPER.com is where I come when I need some great information on reviews.. How about adding some Thunderbolt love to the next motherboard?

April 25, 2011 | 04:40 PM - Posted by John (not verified)

What a great give away thanks Asus. Would love to own this!

April 25, 2011 | 04:46 PM - Posted by Ddiver

thank you ASUS for your sponsorship of PC Perspective ! keep up the good work

April 25, 2011 | 04:46 PM - Posted by RazorRiz (not verified)

A BIG thanks to ASUS for sponsering PC Perspective and for the years of hardcore gaming on your SWEEEET mbs. You've pretty much got all the hardware covered for this gen so on the next gen, hows about an onboard linux based OS that'll give me access to data on corrupt windows drives. Save me some precious gaming/video editing time;)

April 25, 2011 | 04:49 PM - Posted by zetachi

Thanks Asus for your support and one of these days i might win something :)

April 25, 2011 | 04:55 PM - Posted by hank3

Thanks Asus for supporting PC Per.

April 25, 2011 | 04:55 PM - Posted by ed (not verified)

Thanks asus for sponsoring pcper! I would like to see built in wireless and maybe the lucid chip.

April 25, 2011 | 04:59 PM - Posted by mike189 (not verified)

keep pumping the donations asus! cant say im a huge asus fan, they left a bitter taste in my mouth as it was my first board many years ago and failed on me. perhaps ill jump back on the bandwagon soon. still not sure why manufacturers decide that its a good idea to put the SATA ports on bottom right side of the board..especially since if you get cards like 6970 itll hangover those ports and you have to fiddle around to plug them in since im way to lazy to take my video card out. also move the damn ram slots over a touch, there are some air coolers out there that will spill over to the first slot. granted thats the fault of the idiot cooler makers but still..other than that good job!

April 25, 2011 | 05:01 PM - Posted by Jreacher

Asus, thank you for your sponsorship of pcper.
Cant wait to see what you guys come up with next.
I hope you have more color options in the future.

April 25, 2011 | 05:02 PM - Posted by h2pow (not verified)

Thanks Asus.
Can't think of anything else I'd put in that mobo as normally I wouldn't pick up anything half this crazy.

April 25, 2011 | 05:12 PM - Posted by Macsleuth

Thank you Asus for sponsoring PCPER.COM and for your AWESOME Motherboards!
The ASUS Maximus IV Extreme P67 B3 Motherboard has got to be the most compete board I've seen yet! Would love to replace my aging M/B with this one.
Loving the BIOS print and GPU.DIMM post features.
Having a swappable BIOS chip would be an added bonus!
Thanks again.
Keep up the great work!


April 25, 2011 | 05:12 PM - Posted by Ryas Nia (not verified)

Asus, best sus.

/me goes off and pets his asus motherboard

April 25, 2011 | 05:12 PM - Posted by hugostigz

Thank you for your sponsorship ASUS.

It would be super awesome to see some lcd overclocking switches and panels on your future motherboards.

April 25, 2011 | 05:13 PM - Posted by Tim Ballas (not verified)

Thank you ASUS for sponsoring PC Perspective!! The next super-mobo NEEDs Lasers! :)

April 25, 2011 | 05:15 PM - Posted by Gamp

Instead of using 4-pin moles, use 8-pin PCI-e connectors to feed more power to the PCI-e slots?

April 25, 2011 | 05:18 PM - Posted by Rand

Thank You to Asus for their support of PC Perspective. As for improved features. Better fan management controls!
Most motherboards are still hopelessly primitive in this regard.

April 25, 2011 | 05:33 PM - Posted by Celtks (not verified)

Looks like a great MB from ASUS, good luck to all:)

April 25, 2011 | 05:38 PM - Posted by Freshie

Thanks asus. I think the next big thing id like to see is more than one Boise so that you could change to what everyone you'd want. I could ubstand needed a restart but it would be wicked cool if you could do it with out restarting.

April 25, 2011 | 05:43 PM - Posted by boa49

Thanks ASUS and PCPER for the great giveaways, products and reviews.

April 25, 2011 | 05:44 PM - Posted by tjmm (not verified)

Thanks much ASUS!! I love and want this board...Me, I would not change a thing...Top notch board!!

April 25, 2011 | 05:49 PM - Posted by c stover (not verified)

ASUS. Thank you for being a wonderful sponsor and to give PCper a great MB to give away. PCper I love the site and love it even more with the new look. Keep up the good work.

April 25, 2011 | 05:52 PM - Posted by slugbug55

Thank you Asus for donating such an awesome piece of hardware, and to PC Perspective for organizing this giveaway. I am salivating just thinking of having the chance to win this amazing prize. Good luck to all.

April 25, 2011 | 05:53 PM - Posted by DashTrash

Thanks Asus. I'm still loving my R2E. I would love to have a monitoring program that I can use to select various voltages and temps to output to my G19 keyboard, and/or my android phone.

April 25, 2011 | 05:55 PM - Posted by randinspace (not verified)

Thanks for another good one ASUS.

As to what I'd like to see, and perhaps ASUS is the only mobo manufacturer whose properties are diverse enough to pull it off, is a small LCD built into the board that can toggle between real time performance (including power draw and temperature) readings. All things considered I'm not sure it would really be useful for the screen to do much more than that, like functioning as a tiny monitor for adjusting the bios and overclocking and so on, and placement (outside the case would be ideal, but at that rate they could just include a mini-display with a cable that you could extend out to your desk or whatever..........) would be something of a logistics nightmare but... If we're talking about going ALL THE WAY then that's definitely the next step.

Failing that since ASUS has gotten their feet wet in the tablet game some kind of advanced synchronization features between their tablets and PCs running their components would be much appreciated. Hell at the current price point their EEE pad is only marginally more than this motherboard anyway so that would just make the prospect of both all the more compelling.

April 25, 2011 | 05:58 PM - Posted by johnrohn

Thanks ASUS for the sponsorship of PC PERSPECTIVE.
It would be cool to see built in full spectrum LEDs that can be adjusted with a switch.

April 25, 2011 | 05:59 PM - Posted by xciter327

Thank for the sponsorship Asus. Since I`ve bought my last Asus board, funny thing. No more dead motherboards. :)))

April 25, 2011 | 06:06 PM - Posted by RickJ5 (not verified)

Thank you ASUS for sponsoring PC Perspective. Very sexy motherboard.

April 25, 2011 | 06:06 PM - Posted by jefkz

Thanks ASUS for your sponsorship of PC Perspective.
I would like an alarm that yells (Don't be an idiot!) When you try to push it to far.

April 25, 2011 | 06:07 PM - Posted by ToiT (not verified)

Thanks Asus... I loved my p55 board until the socket melted >:D. What feature would I like to see? Hmm, how about moving the RAM a little further away from the CPU seen as our massive syncs are always in the way :).

April 25, 2011 | 06:07 PM - Posted by watuzi

I am extremely grateful that ASUS is sponsoring PC Perspective. I want a motherboard that will inform me when one of its components, like the CPU, memory, GPU, or hard drives, is failing. My 5-year-old PC is constantly freezing up on me recently, and I can't figure out how to solve it if it's hardware related.

April 25, 2011 | 06:10 PM - Posted by ReelTrouble

As a long time owner of many ASUS products (24" display, DVDRW drive.....and too many motherboards to count), it's great to see that y'all are sponsoring PCPer. I usually buy a bit down the food chain from this lvl mainboard since look for the sweet spot of the perf/$ ratio so I'm hard put to imagine anything you would need to add to this board. If I had to change anything about the board, I guess I'd move the led that displays the bios post codes to somewhere on the board where it would be more visible from a side window. .... but that is really stretching it.

On a different note, I'm really looking forward to your new Z68, Llano, 900 series AM3+ boards. We'll see once the boys at PCPer get their hands on the upcoming chips, but it really looks like a great time to be putting a new box together.

April 25, 2011 | 06:10 PM - Posted by robbadler (not verified)

Thanks ASUS for your patronage of PCPer. I own your laptops and motherboards and look forward to each refresh of your product line-up.

I would like to see more 6Gbps SATA ports, and built-in bluetooth in my next set of ASUS devices.

April 25, 2011 | 06:12 PM - Posted by Mangix (not verified)

ASUS is an awesome company. After seeing a dead gigabyte board and a lackluster msi board, i'm glad my socket 775 asus board still lasts to this day. I'm glad they're sponsoring PCper with this deal!

April 25, 2011 | 06:20 PM - Posted by 66pens

Thanks Asus. Quad SLI slot spacing.

April 25, 2011 | 06:25 PM - Posted by richcyph

Thank you ASUS!! Cant wait to see whats next.
I hope it makes sandwiches!
ON a more serious note. I would like to see more color options.

April 25, 2011 | 06:27 PM - Posted by John Janis (not verified)

That is one sweet MB. I can barely contain myself just
thinking about what I could do with that beauty!

Thanks PCPer

April 25, 2011 | 06:30 PM - Posted by dtkflex

Thank you very much for supporting PC Perspective.
I was pleased with the service that I received on a recently RMA'd AMD 4870x2 graphics card that stopped working.

April 25, 2011 | 06:31 PM - Posted by Starkie24

Thank you Asus for supporting PC Per and offering this lovely piece of hardware that I would absolutely love to put in my case, and would be my 3rd ROG board. I would like a mini OS built in for quick start up for such things as movies and browsing the internet.

April 25, 2011 | 06:44 PM - Posted by Matthew (not verified)

Thank you Asus for supporting PC Per.

You can never put too many fan connectors on a mobo.

April 25, 2011 | 06:48 PM - Posted by Buyers (not verified)

Much thanks to Asus for sponsorship of one of my go-to sites for hardware news and reviews. My Asus products are still going good after years of use. I cant think of anything i would add to a new top tier motherboard that isnt already an option on most... i particularly like the voltage check points.

April 25, 2011 | 06:53 PM - Posted by adama

Thanks for the sponsorship ASUS. PcPer is an awesome community its great to be given opportunities to win amazing hardware.
Built in lighting is always a nice addition.

April 25, 2011 | 07:03 PM - Posted by Joe (not verified)

Thank you PC Perspective and ASUS for the giveaway. The ASUS Maximus IV Extreme P67 B3 is a very good motherboard.

April 25, 2011 | 07:03 PM - Posted by sprayingmango

THANK YOU Asus!! I love your boards, and have been using them exclusively for the past 15 years building my systems. I would love to see a Rampage IV Extreme with Sandy Bridge support and the next generation FireWire support. I'm sure hardware vendors will be following up with drives, and if not maybe there is a way to implement Apples Thunderbolt? I know you have a soundcard called Thunderbolt so I'm not sure how that would play out. Honestly, the Rampage III Extreme is so damn good, it's kind of hard to top that!! haha

April 25, 2011 | 07:04 PM - Posted by texhex

Thank you Asus. P67 ROG FTW!

April 25, 2011 | 07:06 PM - Posted by allworth

thank-you to asus!!! i would like it to give me a massage!!! only way to make it better

April 25, 2011 | 07:11 PM - Posted by GenBlood

Another good board from Asus. THe only thing that
would make it even better is winning it .. :)

April 25, 2011 | 07:13 PM - Posted by cdmattax

Thanks ASUS

April 25, 2011 | 07:29 PM - Posted by crunch

thank you Asus and PcPer

April 25, 2011 | 07:31 PM - Posted by boobdude

Wow, thats a monster of a mobo. Thanks for being so generous ASUS. Your sponsorship is greatly appreciated.
It would be really nice to be able to use more of a variety of cards in sli.

April 25, 2011 | 07:33 PM - Posted by shakyone

I need to clean the drool off my floor!

Big fan...

April 25, 2011 | 07:36 PM - Posted by Pfk (not verified)

A huge thanks out to all of PC Perspective's sponsors, especially ASUS!

April 25, 2011 | 07:52 PM - Posted by dkapke (not verified)

Much love to ASUS for their love to PCPER! As for ideas, no more top-facing SATA ports ANYWHERE near a PCIe slot and use/include the pin-connector module that y'all have before on ALL boards (for the fp connectors).

April 25, 2011 | 07:55 PM - Posted by VonToXicb

Great to see an Awesome Tech company support an Awesome Tech site. Thanks to Asus for their support of PC Perspective, what a great place to find all that you need in Tech.
Would love to see customisable heatsinks as add ons to allow for greater cooling options, more control buttons like those on the back, even built in wireless control.

April 25, 2011 | 08:03 PM - Posted by rnspofw

the greatest sponsor gift i can imagine ,overclocking to the max asus !thanks pcper for the awsome new site design! rnspofw

April 25, 2011 | 08:04 PM - Posted by L. Smith (not verified)

Thanks Asus for your support of PC Perspective. That is and outstanding motherboard.

April 25, 2011 | 08:12 PM - Posted by psitech

I'd love to have this thing. I'm still rocking an E8400 overclocked to 4.2ghz with a middle of the road P65 board. Even though this thing is still kickin strong, it's time to get back into the overclocking game and do some serious upgrading. It would be cool to see if I've still got my overclocking "chops". Thanks to PC Perspective and Asus for a sweet giveaway. Whoever gets this will be stoked! Hope it's me. :)

April 25, 2011 | 08:20 PM - Posted by kf4oox

Thank you Asus for supporting PC Perspective. Very nice to see a nice company supporting such a good team as PC Perspective.



April 25, 2011 | 08:22 PM - Posted by JerseyJoe (not verified)

Thanks Asus you smash through all the barriers of conventional overclocking! The next MB should have LED's that have a sad face when it is running slow, a happy face when it's running great, and an evil face when it's running wicked fast!

April 25, 2011 | 08:30 PM - Posted by robbiephellps

Thank you ASUS for supporting PCPER. This is truly an amazing piece of hardware. I would like to see some LED options to give the user a custom color scheme.

April 25, 2011 | 08:40 PM - Posted by peter41

Thank you Asus for supporting pcper. Your motherboards are the best. I hope we can see less top facing sata ports in the future. Especially those next to a pci slot.

April 25, 2011 | 08:43 PM - Posted by posnea

Thank you ASUS for the sponsoring. You know what would look good on that motherboard, some watercooling...

April 25, 2011 | 08:45 PM - Posted by madmax

Thanks Asus. Your sponcership is much appreciated.
I hope the next model has all the same features but comes in blue and black.

April 25, 2011 | 08:48 PM - Posted by venzz (not verified)

a big thank you to asus for giving me this mobo

April 25, 2011 | 08:52 PM - Posted by benefit14snake (not verified)

Thanks for being a sponsor Asus! Love your motherboards! I would love to see an intergrated network processor on the next super board.

April 25, 2011 | 08:58 PM - Posted by Darkstryke

Nice work ASUS, and thanks for supporting PCP'er (who has a great podcast).

What I'd like to see next is a Z67 based ROG board :)

April 25, 2011 | 08:59 PM - Posted by cralor

Thanks ASUS! You're the best!

April 25, 2011 | 09:02 PM - Posted by Calvin Jones (not verified)

Thank you ASUS for sponsoring PCPer

April 27, 2011 | 10:56 AM - Posted by sh4un

ASUS offers the most reliable, and easiest to use products I've come across.
I need a board for my build, Either a P67 or a Z68. ASUS is my favorite brand. I was considering a P67 Sabertooth, but this ASUS Maximus IV Extreme P67 could fit the bill.

Thank-you ASUS

April 25, 2011 | 09:12 PM - Posted by MrBlack

Thanks Asus

For the next one Triple 10GbE Lan connections

I would say a way to print out the BIOS settings
but can see it already has that

so maybe a Supa-Dupa Heat Pipe?

April 25, 2011 | 09:20 PM - Posted by Dunecatfish

Thanks ASUS for sponsoring PC Perspective.

April 25, 2011 | 09:22 PM - Posted by Clairvoyantx

Thank you Asus for the PcPer sponsorship. Why not keep ahead of the curve and integrate Thunderbolt connections? Excellent products and great notebooks!

April 25, 2011 | 09:39 PM - Posted by drkhyron (not verified)

Thank you ASUS for your sponsorship of PC Perspective. How about an Android app for ROG iDirect. Also, a more intelligent on board RAID that works more like a Drobo or drive extender.

April 25, 2011 | 09:41 PM - Posted by Tim (not verified)

Thank you, Asus, for your continued support of PCPerspective, and for keeping all of us enthusiasts happy with the cool products you produce.

April 25, 2011 | 09:43 PM - Posted by Syllabub

Thank you very much to Asus for sponsoring PCPer. Great sponsors like Asus help make this site what it is. Thank you to Ryan and his posse because it takes great content to attract such great sponsors. As for what the next great MB should have? How about six quarts of liquid nitrogen included in the box! Pump up the voltage and lower the temps there is some OC'ing about to happen. At the very least Josh could use it to keep his micro-brews chilled!

April 25, 2011 | 09:50 PM - Posted by junglejuice

Thanks Asus for supporting PCPerspective!!
My thoughts on future motherboards are I am mostly concerned with utilizing all the memory slots with high end air cooling (and these are at odds with each other... so anything that can be done to ensure this with as many cooling solutions, the better)

April 25, 2011 | 10:04 PM - Posted by iamstarfox

Wow!... This is really a nice high-end motherboard. Thanks to ASUS for providing it for the giveaway to celebrate the new PC Perspective web site! As for what I'd like to see on future motherboards... I kind of like them to have a little 2 character LED readout, so if the board throws an error code during boot, I can see what it is.

April 25, 2011 | 10:15 PM - Posted by DavidW (not verified)

Thank you ASUS for your sponsorship of PCPer, I purchased a p8p67le because thats all newegg had in stock when I went to build my sandybridge upgrade. But this one is a bit nicer, too bad it wasn't in stock when I did my upgrade =)

April 25, 2011 | 10:18 PM - Posted by emepror (not verified)

this board looks awesome, plenty of features

i hope ASUS continues this trend with X79, LGA 2011

April 25, 2011 | 10:28 PM - Posted by RushManiac

Thanks Asus for the being part of Pc Per and sponsoring them and helping with their new website celebration. I would love for all new motherboards to have UEFI and get rid of BIOS once and for all. Also, that you have spaced out x16 PCI-E slots to make it easier to SLI/Crossfire multiple graphics card to provide ample space for cooling.

April 25, 2011 | 10:42 PM - Posted by rmadball

Thank You ASUS for making such wonderful product for our pleasure. Keep up the good works :P

April 25, 2011 | 10:45 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Thanks to Asus for sponsoring PCPer! Asus is always my first motherboard choice when building a new PC. I continue to look forward to Asus producing top-quality motherboards at affordable prices.

April 25, 2011 | 10:58 PM - Posted by Chaitanya Shukla (not verified)

Great but does anyone ever win in one of these?

April 25, 2011 | 11:18 PM - Posted by medaugherty (not verified)

Thanks Asus for supporting PCPerspective!!
I think a clear pcb and a jumbo decal for the motherboard tray. The decal could be reflective with ASUS and PCPerspective in the center.

April 25, 2011 | 11:20 PM - Posted by Grunteh

Thanks for the sponsorship ASUS! I would like to see 2 motherboards in the future:
1. A M-ATX board with Dual PCIe 2.0 x16 slots, in the right place. I've found about 3 or 4 of them, which makes me angry.

2. A ATX board that has 7 PCIe 2.0 x16 slots, and they aren't moved down an extra slot.

April 25, 2011 | 11:25 PM - Posted by Ric (not verified)

Thanks Asus for your support of PC Perspective. I would like to see better temperature sensors on motherboards.

April 25, 2011 | 11:27 PM - Posted by jkl (not verified)

pick me

April 25, 2011 | 11:37 PM - Posted by terminal addict

Wow! Thanks Asus! Sweet board. It's hard to find ways to improve that layout. Can't remember the last time I had a PCI card. I know some people still need legacy slots and ports, but it's nice to see boards available that ditch them completely (well , almost).

April 25, 2011 | 11:39 PM - Posted by sm00th101 (not verified)

Thanks Asus for supporting PCPer!
I'd like to see Intel's LightPeak on the next round of mobos

April 25, 2011 | 11:41 PM - Posted by J.Andrews (not verified)

Thanks to Asus for sponsoring pcper.com 4.0. It looks great. A couple wishes I have for future "super" motherboards are: more SLI-enabled boards on the budget end, dual processor slots and higher RAM limits.

April 25, 2011 | 11:45 PM - Posted by Yoshio (not verified)

I had learned a lot from the Pcperspective team. Thanks for support the site and make this possible. It's a great way to advertise, everybody wins. By the way, my first, in the Pentium hundred series had a Asus mb. Ahh. Can you change this CAPTCHA engine please? it's was a great challenge.

April 25, 2011 | 11:49 PM - Posted by alex

Thank you PC Perspective and ASUS for the giveaway. Your Asus mobo's are great especially the ROG editions.
I would like to see some built in wireless-n mobos too.

April 25, 2011 | 11:51 PM - Posted by Michael (not verified)

As always, great support to community by Asus & PCPER!
Thank you!

Built-in wireless would be great! especially one that can be easily supported by all different operating systems.

April 26, 2011 | 12:01 AM - Posted by alexandria (not verified)

Thank you ASUS! Your support is greatly appreciated.
I love the new site pcper.

I wish the future mobos came in blue.

April 26, 2011 | 12:08 AM - Posted by Dreadteir

Thank You Asus for your support of PC Perspective! My recommendation for your next Super Motherboard is a built-in HD TV Tuner :)

April 26, 2011 | 12:11 AM - Posted by mjfigur

Thank you Asus I really really need this otherwise I cannot afford to build a new system! Thanks for your support and love the new site.

April 26, 2011 | 12:19 AM - Posted by Dree (not verified)

Asus you did it again. Produced an amazing board thats caught the eye of every enthusiast. Thanks for supporting pcper and donating your newest board. I hope the next ones come out with a smaller price tag.
Keep up the good work pcper.

April 26, 2011 | 12:45 AM - Posted by Brian N. (not verified)

Thank you ASUS ans PCPer.

I would love to start seeing more of a hardware RAID controller included on their motherboards. Intel's on-board RAID uses your CPU and therefore it's not a true hardware RAID controller. I'd like to run a RAID 5 without taking a performance penalty and not have to spend a few hundred dollars for a decent RAID controller.

April 26, 2011 | 12:46 AM - Posted by firesage2000

Thank you Asus for supporting Pc Perspective. How about on the next mother board go crazy and add more ram slots.

Also, I wouldn't even have known about this site if it were not for the 'My Brother, My Brother and Me' podcast. So your guys money at least got another person to your cool website.

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