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Subject: General Tech | July 20, 2007 - 05:15 PM |

If you are like me, old media formats seem to accumulate faster than dust bunnies.  Old audio tapes, 3.5" disks, even a few 5.25" disks are hiding in corners and flat surfaces everywhere, some that even have data I want to keep.  By far, the media that consumes the most space is old VHS tapes.  If you want to update those old movies you could buy a new version on DVD, or you can copy them onto new media yourself.  Of course, for others, it is the vinyl that means the most.

Over in the Networking forum, a member has learned that flashing a wireless router to the newest firmware isn't always the best move.  Another is looking for the best CD/DVD drive to put in their machine over at Tech Talk.  Learn about a program in the ASUS Forum that comes directly from ASUS.  The idea is very handy, it is called PC Probe, and it monitors temperatures and fan speeds on your motherboard ... sometimes.

Head to Cases'n'Cooling for a look at a nice rig, called the Celtic Spirit, that a member is hard at work on.  Another member is putting together an HTPC, but is trying to keep the graphics card at about $150, while others are debating the likelihood of a possible release of DX10 for WinXP

Over in the Linux Forum, you can pick up great advice on using a LiveCD to recover data from a dead NTFS system, and the Windows guys are talking about Vista and 4GB of RAM.  Last, and certainly not the least (active) is the Trading Post, as I am writing I can see a full C2D system for $750.


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