Original Xbox Games Potentially Emulated on Windows

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Before we begin, the source of this post is a PC Gamer interview with Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, who leads the Xbox team. The tone seems to be relaxed and conversational, so, for now, it should be taken as something that he, personally, wants to see, not what the division is actually planning, necessarily.

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Still, after it was announced that the Xbox One would get emulation for original Xbox titles at the Xbox E3 2017 Press Conference, PC Gamer asked whether that feature, like so many others lately, could make it to the PC.

His responses: “Yes.” and “I want people to be able to play games!”

He also talked about Xbox 360 emulation on PC, specifically how it would be difficult, but he wants games to run across console and PC. “I want developers to be able to build portable games, which is why we’ve been focusing on UWP for games and even apps that want to run on multiple devices.”

You might know my personal opinions about UWP by now, specifically how it limits artistic freedom going forward through signed apps and developers, which is a problem for civil rights groups that either need to remain anonymous or publish expressions that governments (etc.) don’t want to see public, but cross-device is indeed one of the two reasons that it’s seductive for Microsoft. Content written for it (unless it finds an unpatched exploit, like how Apple iOS jailbreaks work) cannot do malware-like things, and they should be abstract enough to easily hop platforms.

But you won’t see me talk ill about preserving old content, especially if it could be lost to time based on a platform decision they made fifteen years ago. I hope that we do see original Xbox games on the PC. I also hope that we develop art in a medium that doesn’t need awkward methods of preservation, though.

Source: PC Gamer

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June 13, 2017 | 05:09 PM - Posted by Mnemonicman

If it means I can play Crimson Skies again I'm for it.

June 13, 2017 | 06:54 PM - Posted by Ryan Shrout

Oh man, I'm with you. :)

June 13, 2017 | 08:01 PM - Posted by gregman171

there is a version that kinda sorta not really works. Cxbx-Reloaded. Don't know if it's being worked on still, but it could kinda run some games.

June 13, 2017 | 11:29 PM - Posted by Scott Michaud

Oh yeah... there's definitely emulators in existence for the PC. It's different when the platform owner is involved, though.

June 14, 2017 | 10:59 AM - Posted by collie

I just wish they would release the master chief collection and reach on pc. I think enough time has passed, and I think the pc master race is still in.

June 14, 2017 | 12:17 PM - Posted by maonayze

I need Kung-Fu Chaos on PC...such a gem and so underated. :-)

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