Not everyone wants a giant phone ... some of us never understood "Going Metro"

Subject: General Tech | March 5, 2012 - 12:12 PM |
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As many have done recently, The Tech Report downloaded the consumer preview of Windows 8 to try out the new interface from the perspective of a power user.  While many glowing reviews of the OS have come from those who love the idea that their computer could just become a big phone, those of us who do far more with PCs have run into issues.  One of the nastiest changes seems to be the complete removal of the Start button and breaking the registry hack that would restore it on the earlier beta version.  The obvious preference for a touch interface makes keyboard and mouse control awkward at times, though once you manage to start the program you are looking for the response is the same as it was on previous versions of Windows.  Not all was doom and gloom however, there are some positive points to designing a consistent touch interface which will work on your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop.

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"In his latest blog post, TR's David Morgan gets acquianted with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and explores how the Metro interface affects the traditional desktop."

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March 5, 2012 | 01:21 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Great headline. Windows 8 FTL

November 27, 2012 | 08:14 PM - Posted by Eusebia (not verified)

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March 5, 2012 | 01:36 PM - Posted by Zicoz (not verified)

I must say I don't understand how People complain that they're losing functionality With Windows 8, I have yet to come across someone who can actually tell me what functionality they've lost compared to Windows 7.

March 5, 2012 | 03:08 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)


March 6, 2012 | 06:04 AM - Posted by Zicoz (not verified)


March 6, 2012 | 10:04 PM - Posted by wujj123456

Get a multi-screen setup and report back how the hot spot worked out.
Hint: mostly don't work.

A more traditional example: try to launch 3 applications without your hand leaving the keyboard. In Win7, just Windows key, type 2-3 characters, Enter. In Win8, meh... Jumping back and forth between two interfaces while moving hands back and forth between keyboard and mouse is definitely a great experience and highly efficient for someone else, but not for me.

It's OK if you don't see how your efficiency is lost. It only means you've never enjoyed such a level of efficiency in Win7. (Or you don't need that efficiency, if you are mostly consuming contents instead of working. )

March 5, 2012 | 06:57 PM - Posted by Tijok

A big loss for me was multitasking. When using the preview back when it released, switching between open programs was a chore and shutting them down required opening task manager.

Moves like this are unacceptable when people need to run intensive tasks and challenging workloads, which are essentially the only remaining viable use for a PC.

March 6, 2012 | 06:06 AM - Posted by Zicoz (not verified)

Multitasking on the desktop is the same in W8 as it is in W7, switching between tasks can be done With alt+tab, closing apps can be done With alt+F4, which is also the same as W7.

March 5, 2012 | 03:45 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

this looks like a big cluster.

March 5, 2012 | 08:34 PM - Posted by AnthonyM (not verified)

It would be great if I could use the start screen with my Wireless 360 controller. I would be using this for my primary gaming rig if I could launch games with a Start Screen and controller combo; ie Steam Big Screen mode that is taking forever. (Hope they release it at there GDC announcement)

March 6, 2012 | 06:34 AM - Posted by cyow

I took me about 2m to come to deal with what the hell I was doing with the Metro interface. and real it good to get rid off the start button to shut down the system so for me no start button is a good step in the right way.

As for losing functionality I have not found any myself at all so far and I get want MS is try to do with the Metro interface so goo in them.

March 8, 2012 | 03:26 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

I have used the Windows 8 CP since it came out. I have installed Battlefield 3, DCUO, Zune, Office, Vent, Visual Studio and a few random apps from the Windows Store.

I have dual screens and enjoy using it as much as I do Windows 7.

I have even enjoyed using some of the Apps.

The biggest problem with the Windows 8 CP is the "Apps" are clearly beta and are missing a lot of basic features. Once mail app, etc... are improved, people will be happy, but instead people are reviewing these "beta" apps.

All of the of Windows Key + D, Windows Key + E, etc... work.

I really enjoy and welcome Windows 8 to my desktop.

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