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PC Perspective Podcast Live Q&A  08/08/18

Join us this week for a special live Q&A session!

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Hosts: Jeremy Hellstrom, Josh Walrath, Sebastion Peak, Alex Lustenberg

Program length: 1:22:48

Topics of discussion:
0:02:44 Why don't we have SMT on GPUs like on CPUs?
0:06:16 Did PCPer get a Threadripper2?
0:11:15 Why are Cherry MY switches no longer used or sold?
0:13:25 Is Celeron vs Atom still a big deal?
0:19:15 Windows over agressively caching resulting in jitter?
0:22:35 What was more impactful, x86-64 or multi core?
0:30:30 What do you think has gone wrong with Intel's 10nm process?
0:35:40 Will AMD's ZEN 2 launch result in a process lead?
0:41:05 Can Jeremy do IT support in his underwear?
0:42:40 What are y'all's favorite bugers/beer/whiskey?
0:54:30 How much would you justify spending on a case?
1:03:20 Is there any benefit in NVLink on consumer cards?
1:08:30 Why are password cracking benchmarks not used for benchmarking CPUs and GPUS?
1:13:30 Why do consumer GPUs do not have virtualization support?
1:17:20 Jeremy, are you going with TR1 or TR2?

Video News

August 9, 2018 | 06:01 PM - Posted by NVLinkOrIFisAllGood (not verified)

Most definitely NVlink, and Infinity Fabric also, will be great on consumer graphics cards especially for coherentlly networking up 2 GPUs to behave more like a single larger logical GPU in a manner that's transparent to gaming software. The scaling issues from Driver based CF/SLI would also be improved greatly over NVLink/Infinity Fabric instead of PCIe/older Hardware Bridge based solutions. With Both Nvidia and AMD looking at MCM/interpower based chiplet GPU die designs in the future I'd say that NVlink or Infinity Fabric(Already is for CPU dies) will help greatly in the consumer space.

Now for the cost of such solutions both Nvidia and AMD can use their professional market markups to subsidize/amortize the R&D costs and then introduce NVLink/Infinity Fabric in consumer products when all that's paid for mostly by the Professional market revenues. Nvidia's doing that with HBM2 till the costs come down while AMD is already making use of HBM2 in consumer products and taking a larger revenue hit.

Using NVLink, or some newer variant, for Nvidia is going to be necessary once the market switches over to GPU die chiplets but NVLink and IF can make for better dual GPU scaling for also even before the market switches to GPU chiplets.

August 9, 2018 | 08:47 PM - Posted by Mark and Imelda Plueger (not verified)

With regards to stutter in games. It does happen in any Windows 10 version after 1607. There is a Youtube video on it. I won't upgrade from 1607 because of it. My games run like silk on 1607, if I upgrade to 1709 or higher, games microstutter.

August 10, 2018 | 12:08 PM - Posted by Shan (not verified)

IMHO, This was a poor replacement for the Podcast, which is the only thing I subscribe to Pc Perspective for. Wtf is up with just not having a Podcast two weeks ago the replacing it with this mess this week? PCPer seems to be going the way of a lot of the other channels just before they dissappear or become irrelevant. It's a shame. Unsubbed.

August 12, 2018 | 10:57 AM - Posted by JayDee (not verified)

The jitter in Windows 10 has been giving me problems too. When I play Call of Duty WWII the standby memory gradually gets eaten up with cached map files, when it fills and Windows begins paging memory the stuttering starts. Several hours after stopping playing the game windows standby memory was still being used by these files.
It is not the memory used by the application itself as it runs it is released and used as expected, it is memory used to load mapfiles sounds etc that is held in standby and seemingly never released by current versions of windows 10.

For me the solution was to run the emptystandbylist.exe app as a scheduled task every few minutes.

There is a post about it here

Also there is a Microsoft Sysinternals utility that displays exactly what windows is holding in standby memory an has the option to clear it. If your stuttering isn't immediate, when it starts close your game runs this app and clear the standby memory, restart the game and if it is stutter free initially and starts stuttering again as the memory fills then you have your answer

August 12, 2018 | 10:33 PM - Posted by Mark and Imelda Plueger (not verified)

Thanks JayDee. For now I will stick with 1607. But if I am ever forced to upgrade then I will try this.
Can't believe MS hasn't fixed this yet.

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