Mozilla Considers Extended Support for Firefox: a Whole Year

Subject: General Tech | January 12, 2012 - 02:40 AM |
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Just seven months after taking their firm stance against supporting back versions Mozilla is considering following a model similar to Ubuntu: every few major versions, flag one as being supported much longer than the rest and support it while innovating on your main versions. I still believe that supporting many enterprise customers is wasteful for a company like Mozila, but now that they have substantially more revenue as of their recent deal with Google I suppose it could help advertise Firefox outside of work as well.

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Firefox installments versus long running media franchise installments.

Yeah I was VERY conservative with Final Fantasy... I know.

John O’Duinn, current director of Release Engineering at Mozilla, wrote about the proposal in his personal blog last October and discussed attempts to compromise between long-term support and Mozilla’s current release plan. It is still quite early to tell what they will ultimately come up with and whether it will mend relations with their enterprise customers, but it looks as though Mozilla will not follow their original decision to focus on the present and future at the expense of those reliant on the past.

Source: Mozilla Wiki

January 12, 2012 | 09:38 AM - Posted by jtennison

Personally, I hate the current Firefox rapid-release cycle distribution scheme. I want to try a new release before I install it on the 6 PCs I support. I do NOT want individual PC users to install upgrades, nor do I favor automatic upgrades (a la chrome). I always wait a day or two before installing upgrades on my machine, in order to listen for screams of anguish from the user community. After I have used it for a few days, I will install (or direct users to install) the upgrade on their PC.

I will jump on a one-year support version as soon as it is available. I would also like to see Firefox separate maintenance releases (bug and security fixes) from new functionality releases.

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