Modern tech envious of past artist's creations

Subject: General Tech | August 9, 2006 - 11:31 AM |

Quantum computing promises it will be the next big thing in the computer world.  There are still many obstacles between the concept of one, and actually creating a useful quantum logic gate or processor, but another step has been taken.  CNET reports on an green paint created in Sweden, circa 1870, that may be a huge step forward in figuring out quantum computing, and spintronics.

"An obscure and unpopular artists' pigment invented in 18th century Sweden may be the key to a new

generation of 21st century electronics.

The pigment, cobalt green, a semitransparent compound made by heating a mixture of zinc oxide and

cobalt, has been found to have magnetic qualities that may make it suitable for a whole new family of

hitherto impracticable "spintronic" devices based on the inherent magnetic nature of electrons, the

researchers claim."

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