Microsoft Open-Sources Their WebGL Implementation

Subject: General Tech | June 9, 2016 - 01:42 AM |
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Well that's something I never expected to write. It turns out that Microsoft has open-sourced a small portion of their Edge web browser. This is the part that binds OpenGL ES 2.0 functionality, implemented atop Direct3D in Edge, to JavaScript for websites to directly interact with the user's GPU (as opposed to hardware-accelerated CSS effects for instance).

Websites can use WebGL to share 3D objects in an interactive way, have interesting backgrounds and decorations, or even render a video game.

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This is not an open-source build of Microsoft Edge, though. It doesn't have the project files to actually be built into something useful. Microsoft intends for it to be reference, at least for now they say. If you are interested in using or contributing to this project for some reason, their GitHub readme file asks you to contact them. As for me? I just think it's neat.

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June 9, 2016 | 11:06 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

It's just the bindings and that is not any real Open usage of the code, it just allows a look see at a limited amount necessary for development for OpenGL ES 2.0 functionality in EDGE/DX12. Vulkan, and any OpenGL/OpenGL ES translation layer to Vulkan will be the better bet for the mobile devices market, and remember that once the Mobile market apps are ported over to using Vulkan natively then the Vulkan API and features will be the same across all markets from mobile to server and across all OS ecosystems. Not as much cross OS/devices openness will ever be able to be claimed by M$'s Edge/DX12 that are bound by chains to windows 10 and its EULA from the pits of Hell!

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