Microsoft Offers Double Data (30GB) for Camera Auto-Upload

Subject: General Tech | September 22, 2014 - 03:00 AM |
Tagged: onedrive, microsoft

OneDrive has a base storage limit of 15GB for a free account. Microsoft, in promotion of a setting to automatically upload photos to their storage service, is offering an extra 15GB if you enable this feature before the end of the month. That is 30 total GBs! As of their September 10th blog post, they will also allow files of up to 10GB (!!) in size. That is a pretty big picture or movie.

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Through this initiative, Microsoft hopes that more people will sign up for OneDrive and those with accounts will integrate it into their lives. Large storage capacities, mobile apps, applications for Windows and OSX, large file support, and affordable storage tiers definitely make a compelling platform, one that puts pressure on Google and Dropbox.

The question is whether you trust Microsoft with every photo or video that comes off of any given device. While some could find it compelling to have up to 30GB of extra storage for their cameraphone, without the need to manually sync, I could see others who want to be more selective.

You can enter this promotion before "the end of the month" (which is a little vague).

Source: Microsoft

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September 22, 2014 | 11:06 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

What! the NSA needs more time to get those server farms online to store these images, Hay M$! could you spare a few extra petabytes to your users, until we get the acres of dive cabinets up and slurping. We(NSA) wouldn't want users erasing before we have the capacity/bandwidth to store all those great images(intelligence)!

September 22, 2014 | 03:29 PM - Posted by BBMan (not verified)

You might miss out on the celebrity nudes too.

September 22, 2014 | 03:55 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

I only like 2d female nudes, 2d cuties stay beautiful forever, and real celebrities carry real diseases, so if she's 2d and not styled by DNA, but by pin and ink, or pencil, etc. I'm there. No human meat sacks for me!

September 22, 2014 | 04:24 PM - Posted by Scott Michaud

Not appropriate.

September 22, 2014 | 05:50 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Well Redact it, both posts! edit it! Neuter it, PC it, whatever, you are the MOD squad, you have the right to TVY, or 86 it, not even the ones that posted, will probably care.

September 22, 2014 | 12:03 PM - Posted by Goofus Maximus (not verified)

I'll stick with manual uploading, since I use CHDK hack raw images from my Powershot A590IS. I want to fiddle with my photos before I upload them.

Microsoft has a way to go, if they want to compete with others. I use Flickr since it offers 1 terabyte of free storage. I'll never run out of room there!

September 22, 2014 | 12:05 PM - Posted by Goofus Maximus (not verified)

Er... having read the linked article, I now know this is only for iPhone users. You may want to point that out in your article...

September 22, 2014 | 12:39 PM - Posted by Goofus Maximus (not verified)

Edit: Scratch that. I see further down that the offer is for everyone. My bad.

September 22, 2014 | 03:17 PM - Posted by Scott Michaud

Yeah, Microsoft is definitely trying to appeal to iPhone users and they are likely the reason for the promotion. Didn't bother mentioning it in the news post, though, because (as you noted) they did leave it open for all their apps. I figured that would just be giving Apple a bit too much free press.

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