Microsoft May Be Dropping the Windows Branding In Future Operating Systems

Subject: General Tech | July 16, 2011 - 10:14 AM |
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Microsoft and their Windows brand have always been synonymous where it comes to Operating Systems. As someone who grew up with Windows 3.1, I have grown up seeing Microsoft through the proverbial Window(s). As such, Windows has been a brand that has always been around, and one that I assumed would always be around. In a surprise twist; however, This Is My Next reports that Microsoft may be dropping the Windows brand for their future operating systems after Windows 8.

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Look how far the MS OS logo has come.  What does the future hold?

Windows 8 is already incorporating tile elements of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 and Xbox elements in the form of a re-branded Games For Windows Live service. It seems logical; therefore, that Microsoft would want to even further integrate their mobile, gaming, and computing platforms into one cohesive unit. This Is My Next reports that the future OS will present a single Operating System and UI features across all devices and platforms. They further quote Andy Lees in stating that the single ecosystem would facilitate consistency across all Microsoft powered platforms and “the goal isn’t just to share UI, but also core technologies like Internet Explorer.”

You can read more about the “Next Next” OS over at This Is My Next. What are your opinions on the proposed branding theme? Do you have any fold memories of the Windows brand?

July 16, 2011 | 07:40 PM - Posted by 3dfxrain (not verified)

I doubt they'll drop the Windows branding.

July 16, 2011 | 11:23 PM - Posted by Tim Verry

True, it has been around a while and I never would have thought that they'd drop it. Could be true though..

July 18, 2011 | 11:48 AM - Posted by ddg4005

I don't think Microsoft will drop the Windows brand. There's too much history (not all of it good but still) there and with Windows 7 they're finally on track with the naming convention (no more years, moods, or anything other than numbers please).

Let's hope this is just another rumor like so many others that have floated around the tech biz from time to time.

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