Micron announces GDDR6 production is in full swing

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Micron have officially announced that several GDDR6 lines are in full production, with several more still sampling.  Currently the memory comes in 8Gb BGA packages but it is possible to increase the size of a single module to 32Gb which could offer a glimpse into the size of future GPUs onboard RAM.  The memory will operate between 1.25-1.35V with transfer speeds currently topping out at 14 Gb/s offering roughly twice the transfer rate of GDDR5 as well as dropping the power required from 1.35-1.5V.  Drop by Micron for a look at their brochure and product catalogue for a more detailed breakdown.


Correction - BOISE, Idaho, June 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a release issued under the same headline earlier today by Micron Technology, Inc.(Nasdaq:MU), please note that in the first and second paragraph of the release the correct casing is Gb, not GB as previously stated. 

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"Micron Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq:MU) today announced volume production on its 8GB GDDR6 memory. Built on experience and execution for several generations of GDDR memory, GDDR6 - Micron’s fastest and most powerful graphics memory designed in Micron’s Munich Development Center - is optimized for a variety of applications that require high performance memory, including artificial intelligence (AI), networking, automotive and graphics processing units (GPUs). Additionally, Micron has worked with core ecosystem partners to ramp GDDR6 documentation and interoperability, enabling faster time to market for designs."

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June 25, 2018 | 03:02 PM - Posted by quest4glory

...and there you go. People wondering where the new GPUs are, this is a key indicator.

June 26, 2018 | 05:11 PM - Posted by James

I would suspect that the “Where are the new gpus” question is the same answer as it was at 20 nm. There was a delay because the process tech was yielding high enough to make tiny cell phone chips (maybe 80 to 90 square mm), but was probably no where near good enough for 300 to 400 square mm gpus. I suspect 7 nm production isn’t quite there yet and it also isn’t economical to make a larger gpu on 14 nm. The yields may still not be that great. For previous gen chips they could make a much larger chip due to the yields getting better once the process matured. I kind of doubt that is the case at 14, so we have to wait for 7 nm. Next gen after 7 nm will probably be a multi-chip solution.

June 25, 2018 | 07:03 PM - Posted by Pholostan

Somebody mentioned that the HD4870 was the first product with GDDR5. I think that is accurate. It is also 10 years old now. Yikes.

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