Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone .. need something to distract you?

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There are many positive reasons to game on Christmas, perhaps killing time before the next time you baste the turkey and yourself, to show off the newly unwrapped hardware you got or perhaps a family deathmatch tourney to determine who gets stuck washing the dishes.  Steam have fired up their Winter Sale, with their own special advent calendar you can check out even if you don't pick anything up.

Over at Humble Bundle, the annual Yogscast Jingle Jam is offering a long list of games, covering a wide variety of styles.  If you are looking for a classic, GoG's sale is worth a moment of your time.

If you are more the bah humbug type, you should hang out with EA.  There have been rumours stemming from a since deleted post which suggests they were only kidding about learning their lessons from Star Wars Battlefront II as microtransactions may be about to arrive in Battlefield V.  After all, who doesn't want to pay $50 of real money for 6000 BCoins?  On the other hand they may be worth more than the other B type Coins in the near future.

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December 25, 2018 | 07:12 PM - Posted by Anonymousnameisalreadyused (not verified)

EA take notes ^^^ this where the real money is

December 25, 2018 | 07:14 PM - Posted by StagflationNation (not verified)

I wanna play Stock Crash, where a 2.3 trillion dollar TAX cut is promptly used to by back shares by all the big intrests instead of invested in the future! This causes the Stock Market to wildly go up in the short term before it all tanks around XMAS time leading to all that 2.3 billion Tax savings evaporating into the rather thin air of lost share holder value.

Now if that 2.3 billion tax dollars was used to pay down the nation's debts or even to fix roads and bridges how would the game of Stock Crash gone.

One thing is for certain that little low overhead AMD is sure to muddle through the downturn what with its lower ASP and markups compared to the More Costly Intel and Nvidia folks that are going to be losing many more billions if the economy goes fully into the crapper in 2019.

Remember folks that when times get rough that AMD's processor cost/core and cost/thread and overall lower ASPs is just what is made for recession pricing while still allowing little ol AMD to still earn some profits.

All the Ray Tracing ON at those inflated prices in not going to do much of any good if the consumer has not much funds due to the crappy economy that will surely come if the Stock Market keeps diving any fruther. Little ol AMD and those High Die/Wafer yields at 14nm will become some even higher Die-Chiplet/Wafer yields at 7nm, especially with the Zen/Rome Chiplets that do not include all that IP that's been moved to the 14nm I/O die. Even the cloud folks will be looking at AMD's Zen/Rome and 64 cores per socket that will come in costing less than even some Intel offerings with less than half the cores/socket!

AMD is such a low overhead operation! It's got no Chip Fab Up-Keep costs and TSMC, GF also, is spreading around all of their incidental/Fab/R&D costs among a whole industry of clients of which AMD is a smaller part(GF's stopped at 14NM/12nm so no 7nm R&D costs for GF). AMD does not even have expensive Packaging Plants in which AMD is the only one sholdering those plant's Upkeep/R&D/Operational costs. AMD's economy of scale on chip fabs is via TSMC/GF which is shared with Apple, Nvidia, and Other clients across the third party chip fab capacity markets, ditto for some packaging costs and that specilized plants and equipment.

Intel is the singular owner and user of its Fab's and Packaging Plant capacity! And that's some heafty overheads right there if the economy goes south any fruther and the Cloud/HPC folks reduce their demand and really begin to look at the one providor with the lowest markups and lowest initial prices and TCO. TCO does onclude things like interest on loans to purchase the equipment, so if the equipment comes out costing almost half initially then the overall cost of financing will amortize less than half the financng cost over time likewise.

AMD is sitting at a price/performance metric that can sometime do better when the economy forces the potential customers to look towards pricing even more than they normally look at Pricing and TCO! Those Interest Rates are going up also! AMD still has the lattitude to lower it's margins/markups fruther while Intel/Nvidia need those higher margins/markups and do not have enough latitude to go lower longer term like AMD does.

It's going to be an interesting year in 2019 Technology/IP wise and economy wise and those stock prices and trade tariffs are not helping things either as far as the consumer is concerned.

December 27, 2018 | 01:11 PM - Posted by JohnGR

It's funny how Die Hard is part of a Christmas movie list today. I mean, a movie with gunshots all over the place, is not exactly compatible with Christmas spirit, but it has become. That being said, a great movie. Maybe I should see it again. For the 15th time.

Merry Christmas(with a small lag) and Happy New Year.

December 27, 2018 | 01:45 PM - Posted by TankingNotThankingForBigGreen (not verified)

Speaking of XMAS colors and Bloody Red Nvidia's stock market numbers sure are not looking so good since that Oct 2018 high point and the Grinch sure has stolen JHH's XMAS cheer. Nvidia's down from around the $289.00 dollar level to around $126 currently as of 1:44PM 12/27/2018.

It sure looks like JHH is will begettin raked over the coals that he recieved for XMAS by some very agitated Nvidia investors.

Will Nvidia be able to maintain its ASP figures in the face of suce a stock value bloodbath!

December 28, 2018 | 05:07 AM - Posted by Aaron Roberts (not verified)

Considering how many temples other forms of artwork were destroyed to transform Saturnalia into Christmas it's not as much of a stretch as you think.

December 28, 2018 | 02:58 PM - Posted by Jeremy Hellstrom

What once was locked and is now set free doesn't impress you at all, eh?

December 28, 2018 | 08:52 PM - Posted by Isaac Johnson

Today? It's been part of my Christmas movie list since 1988.

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