McAfee's wallet sports a BFG, but so far no secret BitCoins have been found

Subject: General Tech | August 9, 2018 - 11:49 AM |
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It is a good thing the internet's favourite eccentric was specific about what kind of hack would qualify someone for the $250K bounty for breaching the BitFi wallet as it has been modded twice now.  The most recent hack was executed by a bright 15yr old who managed to get the wallet to run the original DooM; sadly winning the game does not free the BitCoins stored in the wallet, which is what would be required to get the reward.  The Inquirer has links to information on Saleem Rashid and code you can play with yourself. 

Of course, John McAfee has far more pressing cryptocurrency concerns than a mere quarter of a million dollars. 

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"John McAfee and Bitfi are yet to respond to either hack, aside from quoting an interview which points out that, although hacked, nobody had hacked it to the point of stealing any Bitcoins. "

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August 9, 2018 | 12:47 PM - Posted by anonamous mouse (not verified)

The only thing I do not like about how he is handling this, is that the way he is running this it really is impossible to get the coins. Therefore no one in the real world would try. The most likely effective attack vector would be an evil maid style attack. Claiming the device is un-hackable and excluding the only way I can see to compromise the device in the real world to me is misleading. For me to stand behind un-hackable, you'd have to be willing to access and send a transaction from a wallet containing the quarter million bitcoin with a wallet sent back to you. Because the way I see it, I'd go for compromising the wallet while leaving no trace, or even better through a commit to an official wallet update.

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