Make every surfing session as safe as if you were at home

Subject: General Tech | May 25, 2006 - 12:40 PM |

Think Computers reviews the StealthSurfer II Privacy Stick, a USB stick that comes in four sizes, all loaded with Thunderbird, Firefox, RoboForm and Anonymizer.  
It should be enough to protect you form whatever spyware or malware migth be on a public computer.

"'Identity theft, fraud, viruses, phishing and much more, they are all things that have become an

unwanted part of our life on the internet. There are many things that you can do to protect yourself,

firewalls, spam filters, anti-virus software and much more. I myself run Anti-Virus, SpyBot, and two

firewalls on my computer and one built into my router all the time, and I run programs like AdAware on

a regular basis to make sure I am protected from all the bad things out there roaming cyberspace these

days. One problem is I have all that security but I can't take it with me, so what do I do when I need

to check my email on someone else's computer or a public computer? I really don't want to leave traces

on any computer but my own so what do I do? Well a few days ago I received a little gold gift box in

the mail, the box contained the Stealth Surfer II USB drive, I believe it will answer my questions

regarding privacy concerns and possibly yours as well, interested?'"

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