Lupper - Linux-land, left out no longer

Subject: General Tech | November 8, 2005 - 11:32 AM |

Feel like the virus writers mostly ignore Linux, and miss the thrill of trying to harden a box while it's undergoing an attack, or fixing it after the fact?  Well, let me introduce you to the new kid on the block ... Lupper.  It's been a while since the last new Linux virus was wandering in the wild, but one has been spotted.  Read more about it at CNet News.

" The worm spreads by exploiting Web servers that host susceptible scripts at specific locations,

according to antivirus software maker McAfee, which has named the worm "Lupper."

Lupper blindly attacks Web servers, installing and executing a copy of the worm when a vulnerable

server is found, McAfee said in its description of the worm. A backdoor is installed on infected

servers, giving the attacker remote control over the system. The server joins a network of

compromised systems, which can be used, for example, in attacks against other computers, according

to McAfee. "

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