Logitech's new G512 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and GX Blue key switch

Subject: General Tech | June 12, 2018 - 02:45 PM |
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Logitech G revealed a new type of keyswitch that will be available on the G513 and new G512 mechanical keyboards as well as early access to new control software called G Hub. 

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You are likely already familiar with the G513, which Christopher recently reviewed.  That model used Romer-G linear switches with a model using tactile switches also available, adding a bump at the end of a keypress.  You will now be able to chose a model with the new GX Blue key switch, which offers an audible and tactile click at the end of your keypress, filling out the majority of the preferred mechanical switch types. 

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The new G512 keyboard is physically similar to the G513 but in a slimmed down package.  The wrist rest has been removed as well as the kit to pull off your keycaps to replace them with your own favourites.  It does retain all the LIGHTSYNC RGBs, along with the ability to program your lightshows using the Logitech Gaming Software you can grab from Logitech; unless you are feeling adventurous. 

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Depending on your location, you can try out the pre-release version of Logitech's new G Hub software which will replace LGS in the near future. The new software will offer all the functionality of LGS but with an improved interface to let you be even more creative with your shiny, shiny lights. 


Source: Logitech

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June 12, 2018 | 06:42 PM - Posted by razor512

They just need to take that keyboard, add the 18 G keys, media controls, and the LCD display and they will have an awesome successor to the G510.

I love having macro keys as they are useful for mapping to specific functions in some applications, such as shortcuts for video editors, as well as binding them to specific webpages when in a web browser.


Beyond that, I like being able to have basic system info at a glance.

June 13, 2018 | 03:44 AM - Posted by RealExascale (not verified)

My G510 started failing after 5 years of hard use, so i picked up a G910 Orion Spectrum last black friday for $90.

I miss my little LCD screen but i love the keyboard.

I know the 910 has that ARX dock thingy but i really dont want to have to plug my phone in to get the screen function back.

At this point, a small backlit LCD isnt a dealbreaker but they could add one for a few dollars. The Romer G switches are amazing, extremely quiet for mechanicals and the backlighting is great.

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