Logitech's G series spreads to keyboards

Subject: General Tech | September 24, 2007 - 05:06 PM |

The G15 from Logitech is a gaming keyboard with a lot of multipurpose buttons and even a display.  Instead of trimming down the features like Ideazon and others, Logitech opted to add features to a full sized keyboard.  From the blue LED, to disabling the Windows key while gaming, there is a lot of nice touches.  The most powerful feature is it's ability to record macros on the fly and program the LCD screen to display a wide variety of information.  Read on at motherboards.org to see this keyboard in action.

"Logitech put a lot of work into this keyboard, and it shows. They made a highly functional gaming keyboard without

holding back. Backlit LCD and keys, macro keys, instant macro recording, and all the media keys of a standard

keyboard, the G15 has it all."

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