Leaked Intel Roadmap: Pretty Much No Changes

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Intel creates a bunch of roadmaps as portions of their corporate slideshows and similarly to their development cycles: they get leaked like clockwork.

Last quarter’s roadmap revealed intentions for Intel to release the higher-end Ivy Bridge-E processors a whole quarter after dropping non-enthusiast Ivy Bridge from retail. That leak ended speculation from the prior quarter about the fate of Ivy Bridge-E with Haswell and Sandy Bridge-E pushing Ivy Bridge out of Intel’s second quarter 2013 lineup. After all, would Intel push higher-end SKUs of obsolete components? Would they just skip to Haswell-E? Could Sandy Bridge-E be slowly eaten away by the Xeon and lower end markets and left without a replacement? Apparently not the latters.

This quarter was much less dramatic but still interesting none-the-less.

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I cannot Haswell-E'sburger.

The most obvious data point to pull from this slide is that nothing changed; information was only added. Ivy Bridge-E is still on target to launch a little less than a year from now. What we were given is expected SKUs names of the Haswell parts.

From i5 up to Sandy Bridge-E we will have approximately 5 SKUs ranging from the i5-4570 up to the i7-4770K. Room is still left for SKUs above the i7-4770K and the i5-4670K although Intel does not show any direct intentions to produce such chips. WCCF Tech believes from previous rumors that Ivy Bridge-E will consist of four SKUs: i7-4930, i7-4960, i7-4970, and i7-4990.

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I also cannot Haswell at all???

Intel’s lower-end roadmap was also leaked within the same post. Apparently Ivy Bridge has more legs in that price range with Haswell being delayed for a quarter for Pentium and i3 processors. Haswell is completely absent in the Celeron price point with the original Sandy Bridge sticking around for a whole year from now.

This clearly is not a panicked situation for Intel on the high-end. Three leaked roadmaps in a row show for all practical purposes the same identical vision. I will be curious to see how performance compares between Ivy Bridge-E and its older little brother Haswell; clearly Ivy Bridge-E will make more sense from the point of view of RAM-intensive applications, but will certain applications be able to better utilize Haswell and its new architecture?

Who do you think will win in a fistfight, Ha’s well Ghul or Poison Ivy Bridge-E?

Source: WCCF Tech

January 3, 2013 | 06:04 PM - Posted by arbiter

Wonder what kinda prefomance boost will come from haswell i7-4770 over ivy i7-3770. kinda thinkin' off upgrade to my old first gen i7-870

January 3, 2013 | 06:18 PM - Posted by Draca (not verified)

I have plans to do the same with my lynnfield cpu. So i'm hoping for a nice boost too.

January 6, 2013 | 03:00 PM - Posted by VikingVR

Well expect a 10% increase for nominal metrics, while some metrics will boost past 15% and spike to 20%. Haswell will have:
more Trigate transistors
lower TDP
updated micro instructions like AVX2
> 16 EUs (20 to 40 depending on rumors and versions) for the integrated GPU

It will be worthwile upgrade from a i7 870, but Im still waiting to see what the ancillary associated costs are going to be (Mb, Ram etc)

January 3, 2013 | 06:40 PM - Posted by deowll (not verified)

Maybe I'm wrong but to me the high end video on the better tablets screams for 4k on the desktop and laptop. On the other hand the actual CPU power on a freaking duel core atom processor seems to be good enough to handle a staggeringly high percentage of computer tasks. Yah I know a lot of people don't want hear that much less believe it and you may be one of them.

What I'm saying is the processing power in just about any quad core is way over kill for what most people are doing not that over kill is bad. What I want and I think most people would love to have is that 4K screen and something that can really drive it.

January 3, 2013 | 06:41 PM - Posted by Nilbog

This is kinda disappointing
Wasn't Sandy Bridge-E already out by this time?

I bet if AMD suddenly had a serious competitor this roadmap would look very different

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