Just Delivered: Razer Naga (2014, Left Handed) + Mini Review

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So, after a few years of regular use, I wore out my Razer Lachesis. I am a lefty who never sold out to the right-handed world of computer peripherals. Joysticks do not count, I am naturally right-handed with those for some reason... scissors too... but that is beside the point. Most of the mice out there, for me to use at least, are ambidextrous and thus symmetric.

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The Razer Naga (2014) is the first truly left handed mouse that I have owned. These are my impressions over my first day of usage.

Being a left-handed mouse Razer decided that it would, by default, switch the left and right mouse buttons. This can be changed in the drivers by first assigning your right mouse button to a left mouse button and then assigning your left mouse button to a right mouse button. Not the other way around.

The reason for this user experience seems to be, since all changes in the driver are applied immediately (without "ok" or "apply" buttons), Razer did not want users to accidentally lose every left mouse button. Imagine fixing that problem without a left mouse button. I would have prefered the app to, instead, fire a popup telling users to bind something else to "left mouse button" before removing it. Greying out the box is confusing and users might think they cannot, ever, rebind that button. That is just a minor complaint.

A slightly bigger issue is how they included a tilt-wheel without allowing the drivers to bind ScrollLeft and ScrollRight events. This can easily be fixed with a Razer Synapse update but why was that not included at launch? They are aware of the problem, too, as their support pages suggest users bind scroll wheel tilt to keyboard left and right. A great alternative for web browsers, but will not work in Photoshop or word processors.

Yes, you can make a custom profile for each application to input whatever horizontally scrolls them; better yet, just let us bind left and right scroll commands. Do it Razer! Dooooo it!

Weird quirks in the drivers aside, I really like the mouse. Each of the buttons, both in the side and on the top, are crisp. The build quality is solid. The body is comfortable. My only (physical) complaint is that the mouse body tends to get quite warm if you hold it for a couple of hours. That is, it feels warmer than other mice I have used. Otherwise it is basically what I have been looking for over the last decade.

So many buttons to bind!

Source: Razer

September 21, 2013 | 12:53 AM - Posted by JOE_E

the warmth your feeling could be from the lights. if your going to be using the mouse for a long time try turning the lights off and see if that helps.

September 21, 2013 | 01:05 AM - Posted by Scott Michaud

It's possible, but the Lachesis had lights too... and apart from the keypad... in the same places. It was also one of those multi-LED adjustable-color lights.

I'm expecting it's the thermal conductivity of whatever makes up the more coarse grippy finish. We'll see, though, as I will test around with it.

September 21, 2013 | 02:33 PM - Posted by Branthog

This "making technology more inclusive" crap is going to far. First, it's women and now we're going out of our way to accommodate left-handers? What's next, those color-blind heathens?!

September 22, 2013 | 03:04 PM - Posted by Branthog

Unfortunately, from a few color blind people I've heard talk about it, the color blind modes actually are really lacking (I guess because of the shades they use to denote data in each mode). :/

September 21, 2013 | 09:16 PM - Posted by derz

tell us how you really feel

September 22, 2013 | 03:04 PM - Posted by Branthog



September 26, 2013 | 08:56 PM - Posted by Paul Keeble (not verified)

Please please test this mouse properly. Test the angle snapping and jitter and failure speed and lift off distance. These are simple tests that show just how bad most mice really are. Someone has to start testing these mice properly and I am hoping you guys would like to do it properly.

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