It's an Epic post-apocalyptic GPU Exodus

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The Guru of 3D took over two dozen cards on the Metro, with a focus on the DX12 render path with DX-R support which does make the NVIDIA results a bit more interesting for now.  If you are looking to play at 1080p with every bell and whistle on, you can scrape by on a GTX 1080 or Vega 56 but you should really consider bumping that to an RTX 2070 or Vega 64.  For 1440p gamers the new Radeon VII is capable of providing a good experience but you are far better off with an RTX 2080 or better. 

At 4k, well, even the RTX 2080 Ti can barely make 50fps, with the rest of the pack reaching 40fps at best.  As to the effects of DLSS and ray tracing on the visual quality and overall performance? Read on to see for yourself.

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"A game title of discussion and debate, yes Metro Exodus for the PC is here, and we're going to put it to the test with close to 30 graphics cards in relation to framerates, frame times and CPU scaling."

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February 14, 2019 | 11:02 AM - Posted by Godrilla

Great review from Guru 3d. My 9 year old i7 980xe at 4.3 ghz is still capable of running this game and will likely still be gpu bound and it seems anything more than 6 gigs of vram is overkill at 1080p ive seen videos at 4k extreme it goes ip to 9.5 gigs utilization.

Just preorder $49.99.

February 14, 2019 | 11:14 AM - Posted by othertomperson (not verified)

They should adopt error bars, similar to Gamers Nexus. Those bars exaggerate the differences. Between GTX 1080, Vega 56, 64 and 2070 you're talking 4fps at 4K. I wonder how repeatable these close benchmark results really are.

February 14, 2019 | 12:25 PM - Posted by TensorCoresAreTheNewSlicedBread (not verified)

AdoredTV has his late to the party Radeon VII limited video review up(Got Sampled a Review Radeon VII kit late from AMD)! And some game titles are startng to bump up against the 8GB VRAM limitation and that's resulting in some interesting occurrences on Radeon VII, and Vega 56/64 with their HBCC/HBC IP enabled when things go past the 8GB VRAM limits on some GPUs compared to GPUs that have 8GB hard VRAM limits that either don't have HBCC/HBC IP or lack Radeon VII's(16B VRAM) larger than 8GB VRAM.

There now should be more focus on the Vega HBCC/HBC IP and its ability to turn the HBM2/VRAM into a last level VRAM Cache(HBC) to a larger pool of Virtual VRAM paged to/from system DRAM by that HBCC on Vega. And even for GPUs with only 8GB of HBM2 if the game titles are now bumping up against the 8GB limit to a few GBs above 8GB on some titles in testing.

AMD definitely has some advantages with its Vega HBCC/HBC IP and HBM2's higher effective bandwidth but Nvidia's in hardware dedicated Tensor Cores are the one thing that AMD has to get on any Post Navi Designs because that DLSS/Tensor Cores Nvidia based IP looks to be the most interseting for increasing the game's average frame rates.

Dedicated Ray Tracing hadrware can wait a little longer but not the hadrware Tensor Cores IP, AMD needs that for Replacing the very Shader Core/Raster Pipline stresses that AA puts on any GPU's resources. Offloading/replacing Multisample anti-aliasing(MSAA) with some Trained AI methods like DLSS on dedicated hardware based Tensor Cores in really putting Nvidia ahead.

More Questions Need to be asked of Microsoft about their DXR API and maybe offering a separate software code path under DXR for Ray Generation on the GPU's Shader Cores for older Nvidia GPU generations and AMD GPUs that lack dedicated Ray Tracing hadware. Ditto for and DX12/AI related code paths in software for GPUs that Lack Dedicated Tensor Cores. Also the very same Qusetions to the Khronos Group and their cross platform Graphics API Vulkan.

Nvidia is writing some RTX specific Vulkan extentions for their new RTX hardware but Khronos also needs to be developing a software code path for Ray Tracing and AI performed on Older GPU's Shader cores for Ray Tracing and AI related image processing accelerated on the GPU's shader cores on older generation Nvidia GPUs and AMD's GCN GPUs.

Radeon VII's "Vega-2" micro-arch has some AI related ISA extentions that the Vega 10/Vega-1 GPU Micro-Arch lacks. So who will be cornering AMD's engineering folks at the next big Tradeshow/Gameing Technology Event and asking AMD about those Vega 20/Vega-2 Micro-Arch AI related ISA extentions and any sorts of AI based AA/Upscaling on Radeon VII/Vega 20 based Consumer Gaming GPU variants, even on Pro Graphics Oriented Radeon WX Branded Vega 20 Based GPU SKUs. AMD will most devinitely be releasing some Radeon Pro WX(formally FirePro) Pro GPUs that are Vega 20 based.

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