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Canonical is one of the few that take the security of the various connected devices, colloquially known as the Internet of Things, seriously.  They released an OS called Ubuntu Core 18, based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, to the internet back in December which is designed to offer a way not only to secure your IoT devices but to update them as well.  All hardware has digitally signed snaps which let you verify the state of it's firmware and software at any time to ensure no one has been mucking about in it.  Along with the virtualisation comes a decade of security updates, with patches that can be released to x86, x64 and ARM based hardware simultaneously. 

The Inquirer mentions that while most of these patches will be free, there may be some with a small cost associated, which may indicate they will support discontinued products and those with tiny market shares.

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"There's loads more to discover about Ubuntu Core 18, which was first made available as a preview in December. As ever, its open source and it's free to download."

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January 23, 2019 | 04:45 PM - Posted by PerfectFUpsFromChipzillaAndTSMCs5nmTapeoutsStartingSoon (not verified)

TSMC will be on 5nm before Intel gets anything 7nm online. For AMD it's sure looking like that TSMC process node lead will widen at 5nm while Intel is still trying to ramp up its failed 10nm node.

With the Zen/Zen+ based first and second generation Ryzen and Threadripper offerings giving way to Zen-2 and third generation Ryzen products on the desktop/HEDT as well as Zen-2 based Epyc/Rome, AMD's Zen Branded options will be offered across ever lowering price ranges. The 2000 series Ryzen parts are going on sale and any 1000 series Ryzen parts that remain in stock will become even lower cost to purchase.

Intel's 14nm lower core count/low end Locked parts are already looking like bad deals when compared to 6 or 8 core Ryzen 1000 series SKUs and now the Ryzen 2000 series 6/8 core parts will begin to come in lower priced also and compete with Intel's lower end 4 core offerings. The Ryzen 7 1700s are running in the $159 range and the Ryzen 2700 is already retailing for about $50 off of its introductory MSRP of $299. So all of Intel's non K series 4 core parts are in for even more competition from AMD's 6 and 8 core older generation Zen/Zen+ based parts that are all unlocked and becoming similarly priced.

With Intel shifting more production over to its server CPU SKUs even the laptop OEMs that were ignoring AMD have been forced to take notice. Even PC Motherboard Maker CEOs are complaining about not being able to make revenue projections what with Intel based MB sales harmed by shortages of consumer Intel CPU parts.

AMD is set to make out even better once Ryzen 3000 series desktop parts are available and those previous generation Ryzen/Threadripper parts are still better deals, even the 6/8 core older Ryzen generation parts against Intel's 4 core competition. Those low cost PC systems OEMs are really upping their 6/8 core Ryzen offerings lately with those 1000 series 6/8 core desktop parts price matching Intel's 4 core parts and the same will happen for 6/8 core Ryzen 2000 series based OEM low cost desktop PCs.

AMD's first generation APUs started with the 2000 series and the 3000 series APUs on Zen+/12nm will have the Ryzen 1000 series parts prices falling in a similar manner for some Low cost Desktop/Laptop offerings with first generation APU's with integrated Vega graphics. Even the Ryzen 3000 series APUs on Zen+/14nm will be getting more laptop design wins and that may just be more beacuse of the shortages of Intel's consumer mobile/laptop parts in spite of Ryzen/RR's better integrated graphics.

The OEM laptop market is heavily incentivised but if there are no Intel mobile/laptop parts available those laptop OEMs can not make any laptops without CPUs so any incentives are worthless.

Intel appears to be handing AMD more APU market share on a silver platter with those Fab node problems and consumer CPU SKU supply constraints. And TSMC's not slowing down with 5nm production tapeouts beginning 1H 2019.

January 24, 2019 | 05:38 AM - Posted by othertomperson (not verified)

I'm starting to think most of these AMD fanboys are bots, copy and pasting huge swathes of unrelated text onto any article they encounter.

Linux based IoT in which the user is fully in control of what the device is doing, with a security-conscious design is interesting. It's sad that IoT has become something not to touch with a barge pole due to its generally horrifying implementation.

January 24, 2019 | 02:53 PM - Posted by AllofIntelOutsideIsGoodIntel (not verified)

Not really an AMD fanboy, I'm just as happy to see IBM/OpenPower, ARM makers also, take business from Intel.

And look here you slack jawed yokel!

Under the heading "Tech Talk"

there is this article refrenced:

"• TSMC to tape out first 5nm chip design in 1H19 @ DigiTimes"

So you have making making the same damn complaint as before but that "Tech Talk" content is just as subject to comments as the main article!

How has that TSMC 7nm and 5nm progress along with AMD's Zen Branded pricing pressures worked out for Intel's High Margin Cash Cow lately. AMD's Ryzen has brought more cores to the mainstream at the most affordable pricing and Poor little convicted abusive monopoly interest Intel will suffer even more from Zen-2/Ryzen 3000/Epyc competition going forward.

My little 7nm violin oscillates its sad little tune for that Big Fat Chipzilla suffering from that massive fab process node coronary rupture! Do Do Da Do Da Da Da Da Da Do Do!

January 24, 2019 | 02:56 PM - Posted by AllofIntelOutsideIsGoodIntel (not verified)

Edit: So you have making making the same damn complaint

to: So you have been making the same damn complaint

Damn auto word wrap and my crappy proof reading!

January 25, 2019 | 04:19 AM - Posted by othertomperson (not verified)

It's a wall of text rant about AMD vs Intel and how great AMD is, all left on an article about Internet of Things on Linux.

That spells AMD fanboy to me. The complete irrelevance to the context at hand is what in particular is making me think bot.

January 27, 2019 | 12:34 AM - Posted by IntelsComeuppancesAreSoSoSweet (not verified)

BullCrap, IBM and ARM/MIPS/RISC-V/x86(AMD)/Other makers taking server/HPC business from Intel is great also. Intel wasting $14+ billion on Contra Revenue to try and buy its way into the Mainstream Mobile Tablet/Phone market and falling flat its face is just delicious to me! It's not just all about AMD fustigating Intel's higher margins in the x86 processor market and taking x86 based server/HPC, and consumer, market share away from Intel.

Intel's now going to be behind in fab node process technology for a good 3+ years and still not catching up because they wasted so much resources on their 10nm node. Look at that 10nm node get some reduced density as Intel tried and failed to get too much dinsity improvments too quickly out of that 10nm node that's supposed to have already been to market years ago. That's ever so funny that those marketing driven fools in control over at Intel have really cooked up their last nefarious scams with all that incentivizing of the Laptop/Mini Desktop PC OEMs.

You make me think of inbred rednecks and that's very likely what you are, so fond of abusive monopolies and such! Any business that Intel loses to anyone for any reason is good news to me as Intel is getting what comes around for its decades of unfair market tactics.

They will be watching Intel and the laptop OEMs more closely if Zen-2 reaches even parity with Intel in that single core IPC metric while AMD at the same time has better integrated graphics. That's one Intel inceitivised market that OEM laptop market, and ditto for the mini desktop OEM market that Intel buys its way into.

Intel is still up to the same nefarious market tactics and that's more antitrust litigation coming Intel's way that Intel will just try to write off as the cost of doing business. Hopefully this time around the Justice Depertment will restrict Intel from providing any sorts of Marketing assistance to the Laptop/Mini Desktop PC OEMs, and other Intel Incentives that amount to an Intel/OEM illegal Trust like arrangement that is a violation of antitrust regulations. Let the Justice Depertment's Antitrust division and the courts end Intel's illegial Trust arrangement with any PC/Laptop OEM's.

Those third party PC/Laptop OEMs can not do their own engineering and desgn work and marketing because they need Intel's help they are little more than de facto Intel owned entities and not Independent OEMs at all.

Intel can not completely control the Home PC system Builder market but that illegial influnce of the PC/Laptop OEM market needs to be put to an end. The Justice Department still needs to keep Intel from robbing the consumer and enforcing a level playing field in the x86 based processor market and that Intel antitrust monitoring is still necessary.

Anyone ARM, IBM/OpenPower power8/power9, MIPS, RISC-V, and x86(AMD, VIA)/other ISA based that takes market share from Intel is fine by me. Intel is reaping what Intel has sewn and that comes around after Intel went around is so sweet with each lost Dollar of Intel revnue and percentage point of lost market share.

January 25, 2019 | 10:13 AM - Posted by WayneJetSki

What does that have to with this article?

January 27, 2019 | 05:54 PM - Posted by GamersAndBrainsBeingOneAndLackingTheOther (not verified)

"Tech Talk:

•Wow, fancy that. Web ad giant Google to block ad-blockers in Chrome. For safety, apparently @ The Register

•Microsoft's latest low-cost lappys look to oust Chromebooks in edu sector @ The Inquirer

•Stage fright or Stage light? Depends how far you dare to open your MacBook Pro's lid @ The Register

•TSMC to tape out first 5nm chip design in 1H19 @ DigiTimes

•Intel might open a factory in Oregon to build future 7nm CPUs @ The Inquirer

•Motherboard makers to see shipments plummet in 1Q19 @ DigiTimes

•The Short and Tragic Story of Life on the Moon @ Hackaday"[See Tech Talk: Above]

See that Bubba! All these subjects are up for discussion it's all refrenced on that "Tech Talk:" subheading above so it's more than just the main article's subject matter that's up for discussion. So TSMC's 5nm tapeout news is up for discussion as is Intel's 7nm[That will not be onlne in time] that's also news that is up for discussion!

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