Intel Micron Fight Time

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If you thought the story of Intel and Micron breaking their developmental partnership to create 3D XPoint was over, you didn't take into account how odd and incestuous the tech world really is.  Micron stated their intentions to buy out Intel's remaining stock in IMFT, Intel Micron Flash Technologies, a move that Intel expected.   What Intel didn't expect was a former engineering manager by the name of Doyle Rivers leaving Intel and joining Micron, possibly with a USB drive full of tasty trade secrets.  According to what The Register have found when going over the various documents, the secrets in question are "a spreadsheet with the contact details of more than 3,000 Intel ... 110 Perl scripts, which have sentimental value, but no practical use outside of the development environment".

At this time PC Perspective is not seeking access to a certain Mr. Shrout's files and residence, but does note the pockets in the cargo pants he was wearing during the sign over were obviously full of something ... and that Mr. Shrout does not habitually wear cargo pants.

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"Mr. Rivers doesn't have anything to return," he said. "We continue to take the position that Intel's claims are greatly exaggerated."

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March 26, 2019 | 03:04 PM - Posted by DIVORCEwithPedalSteelGuitarTwangingAsTammySingsOn (not verified)

International Business Machines Corp. v. Papermaster(1) is an interesting case! But Are Employee Contacts a Trade Secret. Customer contacts are considered Trade Secrets but what about employee contact lists?

Look what IBM had to up front Post A Bond(2) in the amount of $3 Million to keep its case going against Papermaster because that injunction would cost Papermaster Income!

IBM and Apple came to an agreement to avoid some ugly legal mess. These cases can get a ugly as the usual contested Devorce battles that married individuals can go through often times. Little QuantX is living with Micron while littel Optane remains with Intel.



"IBM Forced to Pay $3 Million to Ex-Staffer (Papermaster-Apple Case)

Judge rules that IBM pay the server expert a generous bond"

March 26, 2019 | 05:15 PM - Posted by edwinjamesmiller36

Just where did all the LED RAM sticks go, Ryan?

March 27, 2019 | 12:59 PM - Posted by DownDownDownInThatBuringRingOfEarningsFire (not verified)

Oh Yes! The Smartphone Market falls and falls(1) as the single smartphone prices get north of a Grand($). Oh that DRAM market is going to come, not so gently, back to Earth and Samsung has issued its first ever earnings warning.

Oh Happy Happy Joy Joy the PhabPhone market is making its SPLAT and DRAM pricing will not be so Fat!

I still have my ON5, Sammy, and its got a replacable battery and cost around $140 new with $50 in minutes added to my Pay Go account after purchase. And Unless the G4/LTE bands go by by like the GSM bands then I'm keeping the phone until it dies, and I may purchase a second ON5 for backup if the prices continue to fall.

What goes up too high will fall even fruther on its way to kissing Terra Firma!


"Samsung warns first-quarter earnings will fall short of expectations"

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