If you liked Silent Storm ...

Subject: General Tech | December 9, 2005 - 01:37 PM |

you will love Nival's newest game, done in concert with CDV.  Hammer and Sickle isn't really a sequel to SS or Sentinels, but the style of play, the character progression and the fact that you can blow a hole through just about anything will be very familiar.  Read the full review at Think Computers to get an idea what to expect.

'Lately, the theme of a lot of games has been World War II. Most of them have been first person

shooters. Today I am looking at something a bit different; it is billed as a Tactical-RPG, or role

playing game. It is from a well known company call CDV, they have lots of great games in their

catalog, if you are a gamer I'm sure you own one of more of their titles. So, today for review I

have Hammer and Sickle the PC game. I have been a long time fan of RPG games, but most I played

were all fantasy based, so this is something different for me, I do like the WWII theme though,

and who doesn't like any game that allows you to shoot people?!'

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