If you don't know what it takes to play Civ V yet ...

Subject: General Tech | October 6, 2010 - 08:44 PM |

Tech Spot would be happy to show you just how over a dozen video cards perform as well as , the loads experienced by dual, quad and hexa core processors.  One of their last tests focused on the performance scaling of a Core i7 that was clocked initially at 2.0GHz and then ramped up in 200MHz steps all the way to 4.0 GHz which displays just how GPU dependent Sid's newest creation is.

They will also now be very familiar with a problem that reviewers often face.  There can be some things that are incredibly hard to benchmark. 

"The fifth installment of Firaxis' popular turn-based strategy series was launched last Friday, September 24,

and we've decided to greet the title with a battery of tests. Published by 2K Games, Sid Meier's Civilization V

is a classic example of what many like to call a "4X" game, as players manage an empire where they "explore,

expand, exploit, and exterminate."

4X games are noted for their complex gameplay, with emphasis placed on economic and technological development,

as well as a range of non-militaristic paths to supremacy. Although admittedly turn-based strategy games are

not our cup of tea, we will be focusing on how the game performs when using a wide range of GPUs and CPUs."

Here is some more Tech News from around the web:


Source: Tech Spot

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