I could have sworn there were people who's purpose was to think of the children

Subject: General Tech | November 7, 2007 - 12:10 PM |

It looks like even though you are old enough to legally vote while drunk, you are going to have a tough time buying Manhunt 2.  At some point the idea has become commonplace that it is the retailer or service provider that has responsibility for raising children, not some other person, like say the parents ... cause you know, they are too busy and all that.  Target's response to this has been to remove Manhunt 2 from their shelves, M rating or not, so neither you, nor CoolTechZone will be picking up a copy there.

Anyone else starting to wish there was a gamers equivalent to 'Adults Only' movie stores?

"Yesterday, Target confirmed to ABCNews.com its decision to ban "ManHunt 2" from its store shelves because of its violent

nature, despite ESRB's "Mature" rating. According to Target, the game has scenes of extreme violence that are apparently

inappropriate for its customers. Is Target serious? So I take it retail companies and their lovely, immature customers are

still scared of exposing their children from violent video games. Is that it? If so, it's utter nonsense and doesn't make

any sense whatsoever. Haven't we learned anything from the Jack Thompson and Grand Theft Series fiasco? The idea is for

parents to put their authority at charge and stop their children from purchasing violent games."

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