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Subject: General Tech | July 4, 2006 - 04:22 PM |

A True Review looks at the new Soundmatters FULLstageHD Audio System, which is composed of a reciever and a subwoofer.  It claims to provide High Definition 2.1 sound with  only that subwoofer needed.  Read on to find out if they managed to do it.

"Some time ago, I reviewed an impressive single piece audio system — the MAINstage from Soundmatters.

Since then, Soundmatters has expanded its product line by introducing a new beefed up version of their

single unit sound wonder - the MAINstageHD Hi-Fi theater console. Further expanding and diversifying

their product line, Soundmatters has also introduced their new SUBstage100 flatmagic active subwoofer

— the world's first ultra-compact low profile audiophile subwoofer solution. In addition to offering

these two new products separately, Soundmatters also offers them together in a single package

dutifully dubbed as the FULLstageHD. It is this one-two combo of the MAINstageHD and SUBstage100 that

will be the topic of this review"

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