Hear the roar of the Cougar Immersa Pro gaming headset

Subject: General Tech | January 15, 2018 - 01:56 PM |
Tagged: virtual 7.1, Immersa Pro, gaming headset, Cougar, audio

The Cougar Immersa Pro offers virtual 7.1 sound when plugged in via USB to a machine with the driver installed, you will only hear stereo from the 50mm drivers if plugged into an audio jack.  On the other hand plugging it into the audio jack also disables the RGB features on the headset, if you don't feel like forcing the driver to disable them.  The Guru of 3D appreciated the comfort of the earcups as well as the overall quality of sound but felt somewhat let down by the quality of the microphone; a common complaint on gaming headsets.

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"They recently sent us a box full of goodies, including the new Immersa Pro, their top headset. If you thought you’d forgotten about RGB all the things, well, Cougar is here to remind you with the Immersa Pro."

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Source: Guru of 3D

January 15, 2018 | 03:14 PM - Posted by Jgr9 (not verified)

I can't hear it.

January 15, 2018 | 04:14 PM - Posted by GPUsIsHotFerComputeSoTopDollarOrGetToSteppingGamerz (not verified)

And still the stupid gamers complain about a little fan noise all while that can not hear a damn thing with those headset cups over their dirty filthy gamer ears!

Also the stupid gamers are complaining about GPU prices constantly over at r/amd and r/nvidia and the little piss-ant gaming scrubs can't afford the GPUs at the going market rates. Well you little gaming piss-ants if you want to play the you will have to pay or the miners will get all the GPUs. Old JHH over at Nvidia is big on selling GPUs for compute and AMD agrees with JHH that AMD can no longer be the lower priced solution to a bunch of piss-ant gaming scrubs who do not want to pay the going market value for GPUs.

AMD and Nvidia are selling all the GPU that they can make to the coin miners and those coin miners' extra money is as good if not better than the gamers who will not pony up and pay the going rate for GPUs. It's all good for teams Red and Green with that miner dosh and can you hear the violin play while Lisa S. and JHH both pout out to all the little gaming scubs in their gamer chav-ware stinking dirty jerseys.

And both Lisa S. and JHH say if you can not pay little gaming scrubs then you can not play! AND that miner dosh is still flowing in to both Nvidia's and AMD's coffers and the retailers could not be happier with those high spot prices that GPUs are making more dosh for the retailers also.

GPUs for compute is a big deal now and those GPU prices are going to stay above that MSRP so Lisa S. and JHH really need to increase their MSRPs and wholesale GPU pricing and grab that cash with both hands and make a cash stash. No money on funny and get your ass an XBONEX/PS4-Pro because it takes cash now that GPU are a hash-rate King.

And No ROPs needed by the coin mining folks as ROPs are not about compute there Bubba Gamer big time blamer! You can get the used GPUs off of the miners when they move up to the better hashes/watt on Vega Refresh and GV104, so no pay no play from now on.

January 15, 2018 | 08:52 PM - Posted by razor512

What is with gaming headsets and having bad microphones?

A DIY mic that I made using the cheapest mic capsule I could find on ebay, sounds better than the vast majority of gaming headset mics, even though it is not a very good mic.

It is like there is a class of mic capsule that is a level below the bottom of the barrel that is extra bad.

January 17, 2018 | 01:59 AM - Posted by CHR15 (not verified)

So some guy working for cougar was told to design the look for their new top of range gaming headset. He promptly googled some pictures of headphones and found the AKG702 Pros, and though those look good. So he penciled in a microphone, submitted that picture to his bosses and went to lunch.

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