Happy Birthday to hypertext

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It was 30 years ago today,

Tim Berners-Lee taught the internet how to play,

It's been going in and out of tubes,

And now it's totally full of rubes ...

What we now call the Internet was originally sketched out in this document released by Tim Berners-Lee where he first formally describes the idea of hypertext.  One year later came the first prototype web browser, which you can actually play with now if you are curious from whence this all came.  To mark the occasion he posted an open letter looking back at what has happened over three decades and what may come in the future.  You can read it in full from the link posted at The Inquirer, but they also quote what might be the most important thing for you to ponder ...

"the biggest three dangers facing web users today - malicious activity, business models that reward clickbait, and unintended consequences such as aggression and angry discourse"

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"The web is for everyone and collectively we hold the power to change it. It won't be easy. But if we dream a little and work a lot, we can get the web we want."

Here is some more Tech News from around the web:

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March 12, 2019 | 06:55 PM - Posted by TheStopperIsRemovedSirTimAndTheCrazedGenieIsOnTheLoose (not verified)

It's a little bit to late, Sir Tim, as the ad spaffers have converted the Web/HTML-Standards into a pile of rotting death. Just look at Google's Search engine Ranked/Gamed search results and every bit of information is buried under massive loads of unrelated Click Feces.

How can folks find any relevant refrence material anymore using Google's Search "Engine" when in fact just about every word in the English Language points to some crappy movie title or the name of a Rock, Rap, other band, or cute business name! And Google Ranks all that nonrelevent Ad driven/Ranked results ahead of any actual definitions or actual original meaning of any word/phrase that's been coopted.

The WWW is clogged with rotting death and the HTML5 standards process in dominated by the Ad spaffing industry and some websites are damned near unusable without the help of Script and AD Blockers.

The entire Web and the OSs on PCs/Laptops is degrading into the same business model that drove folks to cut the cord on the Cable TV industry's rotting refuse!

Folks need to have an OS on their PCs/Laptops that they are in full control over and not some OS that converts their devices into a De Facto Cable Box where subscritpion services are what's only provided. The Cable Content Providors need to be forced to Spin-Off their Internet Service Providor Divisions into separate business entities or folks will just be back to the cable box existence that they thought they had just escaped.

It's not enough just to get Back Net Neutrality as companies like Comcast, Verizon/Others that are content providors need to be forced to divest of all their Internet Service Providor Divisions. The content needs to be a separate Business from the Pipes(Internet Service) or a true Net Neutrality can never be assured.

Good Luck getting That Genie back in the bottle he's on a rampage and turning everyone's Internet into a rotting pile of CACA!


From your Tech Talk headlines:

•It sounds like a new train line, but no: Compute Express Link is PCIe 5.0 server CPU-accelerator glue from Intel and pals @ The Register

Charlie over at S/A says that Compute Express Link is:

"That brings up the elephant in the room, the track record of those involved. CXL is nothing more, the note above notwithstanding, than an Intel branded non-compatible version of CCIX. At the public level of detail both do exactly the same thing other than CCIX being based on PCIe4 and has devices based on the spec available now. Intel may be able to learn from CCIX and do a better job but there will be at least three generations of CCIX based hardware available before the first CXL device hits the market. Better is a question you can’t answer yet, available is." (1)


"Intel releases Compute Express Link spec"


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