Grado's new GH2 Heritage Limited Edition headphones

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We have mentioned Grado headsets often hear, and one model graces the ears of Josh during podcasts.  They are more expensive than most of the models you see reviewed, however they are also of much higher quality and each headset is hand made, something you will never get from Beats.  The Grado GH2 Heritage Limited Edition headphones sport Cocobolo wood around the outside of the open design ear cups with their new 'red' drivers inside.  You will also receive a number of soft pads for the headphones which not only allow you to increase your comfort, they are also billed as modifying the various elements of your audio.  Head over to Kitguru for a listen to what they thought of this headset.

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"Today’s Grado GH2 Heritage are a limited edition headphone, and they join an exclusive list of Grado limited run production headphones such as the ‘John Mayer’ and ‘Billy Joel’ headphones, made in very limited edition runs."

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Source: Kitguru

September 11, 2017 | 06:41 PM - Posted by Mr.Book

Grado has recycled the same 40mm driver and housing countless of times. Impressive.

Haven't heard these, but having owned the SR-80, 325, RS2, RS1, and had on extensive loan the PS500, GS1000 and PS1000 series, I'm not holding my breath that these aren't sibilant and worth the money.

Grado sound died with the passing of Joe Grado and the HP1000 line. It's all about the cash grab now for these guys. And rightfully so, as the going is good. The audio industry is slowly eating itself with these outrageous prices.

September 11, 2017 | 07:10 PM - Posted by coylabel

The link to the AE-5 review currently on the site is broken. The html A tag is missing a greater than at the end of it. The br tag following the link is being included in the link causing it to fail when I click on it. I got there, but some won't.

September 12, 2017 | 02:40 PM - Posted by Jeremy Hellstrom

Weird <BR> in there, fixed now.

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