Google's got a file system

Subject: General Tech | May 29, 2006 - 11:57 AM |

OS Weekly takes an introductory peek at what would seem to be a file system designed and used by Google.  It's not likely that a Google OS is included in with all the other projects Google is working on, this is probably just the biggest distributed file system going.

"I had a course on distributed system in my Engineering curriculum, and I was really fascinated with

the way people use this technology for work. As my interest grew in this field, I started to read a

lot on this. As a result, while browsing a few pages, I found a link to Google File System. Honestly,

it didn't make any sense to me. Where would Google deploy this proprietary file system? Or is Google

planning to have an operating system? I decided to have a look at it nonetheless and here's a quick

overview of my findings."

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Source: OS Weekly