Google don't Play that; apps will now need to notify users about data harvesting

Subject: General Tech | December 5, 2017 - 01:39 PM |
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Google has responded to the news stories posted last week at various news sites about the secretive data collection many apps on Google Play indulge in.  Developers of Android apps now have 60 days to update their privacy polices and add notifications if their apps collect personal information such as your phone number and contacts or device information such as IMEI.  If they do not comply Google will create warnings for them, which will be displayed prominently.  The Register also reports that Google will include crash reports in this policy, requiring apps to notify users if the report will contain data not directly related to the app which crashed.

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"If developers don't comply within 60 days, Google said, it will warn users via Google Play Protect “or on webpages that lead to these apps”."

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December 5, 2017 | 09:10 PM - Posted by Number9Number9Number9 (not verified)

One more story to include in there as the power9 systems with Nvidia GV100s are here and now its more competition for Intel's overpriced x86 and AMD's more affordable x86 systems! Just look at the Power9 pricing and Intel's high Margin Server/HPC days are so over:

"The server race is really afoot now that IBM has finally gotten off the starting blocks with its first Power9 system, based on its “Nimbus” variant of that processor and turbocharged with the latest “Volta” Tesla GPU accelerators from Nvidia and EDR InfiniBand networks from Mellanox Technologies.

The machine launched today, known variously as by the code-name “Witherspoon” or “Newell,” is the building block of the CORAL systems being deployed by the US Department of Energy – “Summit” at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and “Sierra” at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. But more importantly, the Witherspoon system represents a new foundation for IBM’s Power Systems business and its fundamental belief that it can engineer a better system than Intel or AMD can. With help from its OpenPower partners, of course." (1)


"Power9 To The People"

December 7, 2017 | 10:50 AM - Posted by mathurao

According to one Pew Research survey, almost 20 percent of smartphone owners surveyed have tried to disconnect location information from their apps, and 70 percent wanted to know more about the location data collected by their smartphone.
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