Giving an old game a new look

Subject: General Tech | March 10, 2006 - 12:11 PM |

It has probably been a while since you last played Quake 3, but there are still people who are.  Maybe you aren't impressed that they can only get around 15 fps, and have to turn off some of the lighting effects to get it that high, but what if they were doing it on 24 monitors?  The Inquirer links to pics of that, and a Warcraft 2 setup which shows the entire game map.

"A Bunch of techies at have been playing around with a 24 monitor display wall and

managed to get a game of Quake Three running.

The wall of 24 monitors was needed 12 Linux servers to run using Distributed Multihead X (DMX) and

Chromium. "

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