GDC 14: EGL 1.5 Specification Released by Khronos

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The Khronos Group has also released their ratified specification for EGL 1.5. This API is at the center of data and event management between other Khronos APIs. This version increases security, interoperability between APIs, and support for many operating systems, including Android and 64-bit Linux.

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The headline on the list of changes is the move that EGLImage objects makes, from the realm of extension into EGL 1.5's core functionality, giving developers a reliable method of transferring textures and renderbuffers between graphics contexts and APIs. Second on the list is the increased security around creating a graphics context, primarily designed for WebGL applications which any arbitrary website can become. Further down the list is the EGLSync object which allows further partnership between OpenGL (and OpenGL ES) and OpenCL. The GPU may not need CPU involvement when scheduling between tasks on both APIs.

During the call, the representative also wanted to mention that developers have asked them to bring EGL back to Windows. While it has not happened yet, they have announced that it is a current target.

The EGL 1.5 spec is available at the Khronos website.

Source: Khronos

March 19, 2014 | 10:26 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

I hope this API can work its way into the open source graphics applications ecosystem ASAP, Or someone can come up with a web based version of Blender 3d, and Gimp, etc, but what the Khronos group is moving towards is nothing short of HSA aware graphics APIs implemented in software, and this can be of great value on older systems that have support for OpenGL, OpenCL, etc. And as newer SOCs begin to offer more of this ability with more of this functionalty backed into the hardware, as even ray tracing is on its way to hardware, computiting will become faster for graphics and non graphics workloads, even in older systems, via software HSA aware APIs/HALs. It's not just AMD's products that stand to benifit from the work that the Khronos group is doing. Windows needs to offer this, and M$ should not try to force a proprietary graphics solution only for its OS, as this will only drive gaming, open source, others towards other OS options at a faster pace.

March 19, 2014 | 10:38 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Edit: computiting to: computing.

Sidenote, PCper your webpage crashed my browser.

Browser, IE9, I can not update it because my printer plugins will not work for IE10 or IE11. Why M$ breaks backwards compatibility with printer plugins with every update, I do not know. the same goes for my update to IE9 from IE8, it took for ever for the plugins to be updated.

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